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These photos are from our second trip to Coronado Beach. Boogie boarding, playing in the sand, playing together... what more could I want?

We're back from our trip to San Diego and I'm so sad. We had the best time! I did not want it to end. Of course we had some hard times when it was not so fun, like when our car battery died completely, but it was still impossible to not be cheerful about it because we were predisposed to enjoying our trip no matter what it seems. Honestly, it was the very best of vacations and I'm dying to go back!

On our drive home, I could not, would not leave southern California without squeezing in some more beach time. We stopped at Huntington Beach on the way home and had our last little bit of fun. I felt very sorry to leave. More photos of our trip to come...

We're in the last half of our San Diego trip and we're having the best time. I was nervous about being here for so long (9 nights), but we're definitely in no hurry to get home. We're so enjoying our leisurely family time! I've taken LOTS of photos as per usual. Here's a few of my daughters ready to leave for their beach time. Oh these girls. This vacation has been so special - I want to get started right away on planning another one!

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