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It took us three tries to visit this museum! Talk about lost in translation. Tours are at specific times and the website we found for the museum is not very helpful at all. It's a beautiful building right in old town. The architecture of these old homes is amazing!

Did this house live up to trying to visit three times? Well, it was free. But, I couldn't understand anything the tour guide said. It was all in very rapid Spanish! Regardless, the house was beautiful and the tour was less than 30 minutes.

I can't say I loved everything about our apartment in Quito. It wasn't very clean, the kitchen was sparsely equipped (for example, when we arrived there were only 3 forks), and the curtains were pretty much sheer (Conor made a make-shift curtain out of garbage bags in the middle of one night - that's true love!). 

However, our location was ideal. For one we made friends with our neighbors. We were a short walk to our Spanish school and our chapel. We were close to parks, museums, and old town. One thing we loved about that apartment was that because it was on a busy street, we walked into the busy-ness of the city as soon as we walked out our door. So many people, so many things to buy and see! I loved that energy.

One location we were close to was old town. There were always a lot of police in old town and a lot of people! Old men smoking cigarettes and playing cards. All the benches full of people. It was a fun place to eat chocolate and people watch. But do not buy anything from any of the stores. They are 100% overpriced. Go to the market instead.

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