Last week, Holly had Monday off and we went apple picking in Watsonville with friends. I love eating apples fresh off the tree! When we finally own a home, I’m going to insist on having at least one fruit tree. We picked so many apples - maybe more than we’ll be able to eat. I might need to make applesauce. We sure were glad to be able to go this year! We missed out last year because the girls caught hand, foot and mouth disease. Always happy to be healthy.

More photos of our weekend in the Redwoods! After we packed up our gear, we went for a walk through the Redwoods. It took us about twice as long as it should’ve to do this loop, but so it goes with kids. Vigorous walking is grounds for a melt down.

Next time we go camping, I want to take my time in the morning - drink a few cups of tea and pack up at the last minute, but without feeling crunched for time. A more leisurely morning camping is on my to-do list.

It was really great to camp again in the Big Basin Redwoods. I needed to take a deep breath in nature… It wasn’t quite enough time, but it’ll have to do. Camping is always fun and it’s gotten easier to pack all of our gear, food, etc. It’s becoming a smoother process altogether and so even more enjoyable. And bonus… we had our best sleep camping ever! Yay! We’re getting somewhere. And now for lots of photos…

Babies are just so precious - the best little things! I recently photographed a brand new baby boy and his 2 year old sister. I just know they’ll get into all sorts of adventures together. Baby boy was the sweetest thing - dark hair and pouty lips. I so enjoyed taking these photos. I hope you like them!

I’ve had the fabric to make this dress for a couple of months, or I thought I did. I didn’t realize the main fabric is a knit… I went to cut it out last month and I didn’t have the right fabric. Not really a big deal. I used a plain navy blue knit and a bunch of pieces from Leah Duncan’s Meadow collection. The pattern is Figgy’s Stellar Dress, and I cut it out in an 8/9 length, which was barely just right… Holly will need to wear leggings under it in about 1-2 months. Sewing with woven and knits combined really intimidated me, but the instructions were clear and I didn’t have any problems. I like that the dress has some personality and I liked using all the different prints. It seems to be a comfy dress for Holly - she was riding her bike and running around in it. I think it’s a success…

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