Eggs Benedict breakfast in bed, no dishes, favorite candy, favorite dinner and endless adoration from three girls who love him!

I’m really grateful I get the ride the roller coaster of parenthood with Conor. He’s such a great dad, always the fun parent. I love building a family with him!

Holly worked really hard in first grade and I’m super proud of how much she grew and learned this year! She’s a great reader, she loves science and math is kind of her jam. Her school has an amazing music teacher and Holly loved it! Holly makes friends with everyone on the playground. She’s a joy to be around! Holly lost something like 6 teeth during first grade (8 total in 10 months!) so her smile changed so much! Her two front teeth used to be a lot more gappy, but now they’re less so. We’re really excited for summer break! I loved not having to be up and out the door this morning. We’re looking forward to some fun.

Holy smokes! I just compared Holly’s first day with her last day and she has really changed! It’s not fair! Make time stop!

Greta had her little preschool graduation ceremony this past week. She loved going to preschool this year! I hope she likes kindergarten just as much. She’s a smart kid, so I know she’ll do well. She won the “reading rockstar” award! Holly’s almost done school and then we can get into summertime! I’m really looking forward to a change of pace and some fun.

We just wrapped up spring soccer this month and it was lots of fun! I liked going to the Saturday games and seeing so many other families I knew. Holly missed soccer so much that she wore her jersey the Saturday after her last game. Many thanks to Conor’s parents for handling the last two weeks of soccer while we were in France!

I really enjoyed attending church on Easter Sunday and thinking of Jesus. Wow! What an amazing event! I love that it wasn’t just this one-time big thing that happened. If I allow it, look for it, humble myself, I can have the feeling of Easter, I can have Jesus in my life each day. I love that every wrong can be made right. Wrongs really, truly happened in my life because of Jesus. I’m thankful that the pain and sadness that I feel now will one day become okay. I love that because of Jesus, my relationships can be healed and made whole. I love that I can be made whole. I’ve had times in my life where I’ve felt broken and worthless. And because of Jesus I was healed. One of my favorite Apostle talks is “Like a Broken Vessel.” A passage that has brought me a lot of strength is the following:

Believe in miracles. I have seen so many of them come when every other indication would say that hope was lost. Hope is never lost. If those miracles do not come soon or fully or seemingly at all, remember the Savior’s own anguished example: if the bitter cup does not pass, drink it and be strong, trusting in happier days ahead.”

Hope is never lost. I have to white-knuckle hold on to that hope sometimes, especially when the cup is so bitter and so heartbreaking. One day I will get to hold my next baby in my arms. Until that day, I adore and cherish my family as is. My daughters are JOY. And I’m so lucky to be loved by Conor.

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