This may well be the highlight of our summer. I booked a night at the Quartz Mountain Fire Lookout in Mount Spokane State Park and Holly, Greta and I went on a little trip just the three of us. We had to hike in, which was so fun, and the kids did great! The fire lookout has an incredible view and the terrain up there was so pretty and interesting. We played a ton of games, ate jiffypop and watched the sun set and woke up early in the morning. It was a pretty glorious trip! I had so much fun playing and being with my daughters. This was a surefire momma victory. The cherry on top is all the huckleberries we picked!

I pressed some flowers this summer so that my girls could make flower art. And here it is!

Round and round the carousel about 5x.

And, oh my gosh, so glad I caught the pic of Maeve on the tiger.

Before our best friends left for Spain for the last month of summer (what? I know!), we met at the Splashpad for a picnic and some play time. We miss them like crazy and can't wait until they come back. Until then.. check out this cute crew!

Maeve spent a week as the only child in the house. It was a busy week for Conor and I as we finished up getting ready to be foster parents. Maeve loved having the toys and her parents all to herself. She played so hard and I had some fun doing some toddler specific activities with her.

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