S'mores as the sun sets. It doesn't get better than this!

The kiddos all had so much fun playing together on the dock. I have so many fond memories of playing in the water as a child and so it's really fun for me to see my darlings also make water memories.

Riding on and behind the boat was really fun. I don't have any photos of the Tube Wars we did because I was on the tubes with the kids playing (so much fun!). Everyone got up behind the boat at least once on something. Our friends have a really nifty thing called an EZ Ski. All the kids got up on that (some more fearless than others, Maeve loved it!) and Holly kneeboarded. Conor kneeboared and got up on one ski. I got up on one ski too, but not for very long. Oh well! It was fun to try something new!

Maeve loved riding on the boat this past weekend. It was a definite happy place for her. She would just sit there soaking it in. It was awesome!

On the heels of finding out we can't come to Canada until at least July 21, it sure was nice to spend a weekend on a lake with friends. The kids had so much fun together. Us adults had an awesome time too playing games and staying up way too late every night. It's so refreshing to spend condensed time with people I really like. I'm so grateful for their generosity!

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