Conor gave Ira a beautiful baby blessing on Mother's Day. Ira's blessing outfit just barely fits so the timing was just right. I have so much appreciation for the baby blessing tradition in my culture. I like the sense of claim it gives me to my child. I love the way it feels as a mother, full of hope and love.

After an extended break from soccer, Greta is back at it! Our weekdays are definitely busier and so are our weekends. Greta loves playing soccer and I like to watch her games. Here are some photos of Greta playing soccer - she has bright pink cleats and her hair is in a braided ponytail.

My sweet little boy is 2 months old! It feels a little unbelievable that time moves so quickly. At 7 weeks old, Ira weighed 10lb, 4oz. He's growing really well and I've loved watching his body fill out. Ira is a super smiley baby. He smiled at me for the first time on my birthday and has progressively smiled more and more. He's easily distracted by his siblings when he's eating and wants to grin at them. Similarly, he smiles at Conor and I when we're having conversations. It's not uncommon for me to look down at Ira only to see he's smiling enthusiastically at me! He's smile is so yummy with a dimple in each cheek.

Ira's baby acne and dry skin have cleared up. His hair is growing in nicely and fairly quickly! Ira has rolled from his tummy to his back a couple times. Perhaps my favorite development is sleeping through the night. He first pulled that trick a couple nights before he's 2 month milestone and he's continued to sleep through the night at a rate of almost 100%. As a momma to five humans, I really appreciate the sleep.

Ira is a joy and I feel a lot of gratitude for his presence in my life.

Maeve gets to go to the absolute best outdoor preschool. She comes home singing songs and telling us all sorts of tall tales. One truth is that there are a lot of frogs who live in the pond. Another truth is that she saw a blue heron eat a frog. I love so much that she gets to have this experience!

Oh my goodness! These two! I joke that E is the Alpha and Ira is the Beta. E loves to be playfully squished and so we think that's what he's doing to Ira every chance he gets. Squishing him and attempting to poke out an eye or two.

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