My big girls are at Vacation Bible School (they love it!) this week in the mornings, which gives me some one on one time with Maeve that I don't usually get. Today we went to the park. Maeve is so stinking cute. I really, really love her and I'm so glad she's a part of the family! I'm going to prioritize more time with my baby like this. I love this age that she's at. 

This girl is so sweet and beautiful. Lots of love for my Maeve. 

Conor is a really great Father and we had a fun day celebrating him. For our family, celebrations are all about food. Eggs Benedict for breakfast. I made french dip sandwiches for a late lunch. And we rode our bikes to church because that's what Conor likes! Man, I married a good one!

We always love going to Sundance lake when we are in Calgary. This last time we went with one of my sisters, one of Conor's sisters and Conor's parents. It's so fun to play in the water, hang out and eat snacks. Maeve holding Archer is so cute!

Maeve's kisses are the cutest! They are more of a fishy face and we can't get enough. Conor gets the most kisses. She's also started to blow kisses... melts my heart!

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