My darling Maeve is 4 months old! Some things you should know about Maeve:

  • Maeve loves to have a fist in her mouth, she’s constantly chewing on her hands. Teething perhaps?
  • This past month she discovered her lips and loves to suck them in, etc
  • She also discovered her right ear and the hair that surrounds it
  • Her laugh is amazing
  • Maeve’s talking is a vibration in the back of her throat. It’s adorable and sometimes she’s very loud!
  • Maeve loves her sisters to the moon and back
  • She makes our world go around!

Because she’s just so dang adorable, here’s an assortment of photos of Maeve. Oh how we love this baby!

Just a bunch of sister pictures. I can’t believe I have three girlfriends! It’s so weird to refer to Greta as my middle child still. 

Last week, my sister-in-law Allison visited with the kids. It was the best! I wished they had stayed longer! I’m really grateful my brother chose such an amazing woman to bring into our family!

We blessed Maeve this past Sunday. It was a really special day, despite the dress drama. We’re so grateful to have Maeve in our lives! We felt very loved by the family and friends who came to her blessing day. Conor says she grinned the entire time and a friend commented that it was distracting. It was a beautiful blessing and so very Maeve. 

And here’s a ton of pictures… so much love!

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