Covid-19 has me feeling stressed and anxious. Fortunately Conor has an extra long weekend so that we can figure out what we need to do and just be together. I have all sorts of feelings ranging from disappointment to anger about how government has handled this (I'm looking at you, Mr Trump). I'm grateful that church has been canceled as well as everything else in our lives. And I'm nervous about getting through the next 2-24 months.

This afternoon, we packed the babies up and went on a hike and it was exactly what I needed. Just to be outside, unplugged from my phone and the news. I'm so grateful that we can at the very least, go outside every day.

All in all, Conor and I are very fortunate. Conor works from home, and I already homeschool my daughters. The disruption to our lives and routines is so much less than what it will be to other families.

A Sunday stroll with all my beauties. Everytime we go for a walk, Conor and I ask each other, why don't we do this more??? Well, thanks to covid-19, walks are going to become a top form of entertainment!

Play hard, sleep hard!

On the second day in Leavenworth... we swam, played at a playground, ate lunch, hikes (or walked, whatever) and drove home.

At the end of February, we went to Leavenworth for one night. Earlier in the month, we (I) had a big emotional melt down. I frequently feel like I've bit off more than I can chew, but everything kind of crashed in on me. So off we went, just the 5 of us, to relax and regroup and bond. It was such a chill trip. We stayed in a super family friendly hotel (with a pool! That was at the top of our priority list!) and we went for walks (hikes??) and played and ate. We were tourists and went to a nutcracker museum and ate gingerbread cookies. We had such a nice time! It was a reset that I really needed.

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