Ira's first snow of the season! Here he is in his rain suit that's one size smaller than his snow suit underneath! What a cutie!

Happy Halloween!

This year we have a Bat, a Pumpkin, a Witch, a Vampire and the Queen of Hearts!

I'd say all in all, Halloween costumes came together well! Maeve wanted to be a witch - so easy. Ira wore Maeve's baby bat hat (Baby Maeve!!), and I made cardboard wings. We met Enoch where he is right now knowing that he probably wouldn't be interested in a costume and I bought pumpkin pajamas and a pumpkin hat (the hat he wore briefly and only for these photos). I found Greta and Holly's dresses at a thrift store. Holly created all the embellishments to her costume - so awesome!

Sugar rush, here we come!

Halloweens past....

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I did a couple of my favorite Halloween crafts with Maeve. I always love to see what expressions my little ones draw for their pumpkins. This combo reminds me of when I took Maeve to the dentist last week to have her 4 bottom teeth pulled. She had an adult tooth coming in behind them and the little ones were not wiggly. Maeve was so excited and nervous, she told me, "my feelings are all mixed up."

The handprint spider with a yarn web is another favorite of mine. And Maeve's kindergarten teacher provided the pumpkin craft for the children to do at home and then take to school. I really enjoyed saving up orange items and then gluing it all together with Maeve. Creating with my kids is something I like a lot!

Here are some photos of carving pumpkins. Grandpa Tim came over to carve with us - he helped Maeve and together, they carved a pumpkin true to Maeve's original design. Enoch was into pumpkin carving, he thought removing the top was hilarious. And now he can quite confidently say, "pumpkin." I love the look of pumpkins cascading down the steps on our porch. This house is a good one!

Whoa dear, Maeve is playing soccer! She kind of likes it? I'm not really sure. She really likes if there's a snack at the end of a game and is known to cry if there isn't one. This past week, her own goal was open and it looked like she just couldn't resist kicking the ball into a goal, any goal, so she did. Watching her play is cute because I can see her mind sending signals to her body and her body responding but she's not quite in it yet so her little body is bopping around and she's taking all these quick little steps. It's been a good learning experience for her!

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