So weird to think that in less than 2 months I’m going to have another daughter to take pictures of and with! This belly is getting big… baby girl is growing well. I love this belly and this baby. I feel so grateful! 

Almost three quarters of the way there… I have 10 weeks and 2 days left, which in my world, if I’m basing time left on my previous 2 experiences, I really truly have 8-9 weeks left of this pregnancy. I don’t like to pay attention to what day it is because I don’t really want to know how close I’m getting to having this baby. I’m really excited to meet her, but then I have to take care of a baby so… I’ll take a little more time please! 

I know I’m getting bigger, so I sure hope baby girl is. I’ve been able to keep my physical activity up still, not much of a change. My biggest hinderance to exercise is braxton hicks contractions. I get lots each day… totally normal for me though. It can get tiring and annoying. Baby girl moves the most at about 5AM after I’ve gotten up to use the bathroom. I love feeling those big kicks. The other morning it was like she was moving furniture or something. She gets the hiccups all the time… multiple times a day. Holly would get the hiccups a lot. It’s such a funny feeling. 

I continue to have so much awe for what my body can do. I’m actually looking forward to the experience of labor and delivery. I’ve found some helpful, inspiring material to read and I wish I had found this like 8 years ago! I almost want to have a few more babies because I’m anticipating this birth with so much positive energy. I love to think about seeing her and holding her for the first time. It’s so exciting to me!

I haven’t been very nesty at all. Especially not baby nesting. I’m slowly working on her quilt… we still need some more clothes and supplies but I’m trying to go minimal and I’m waiting until after my baby showers to buy stuff. And, I just don’t feel as excited about purchasing baby clothes and other items as I did with my first 2 pregnancies. I think I’ve mellowed out a little bit as I’ve gotten older, or at least I like to think so. Plus, I don’t want to buy anything I don’t need. 

I have begun thinking about the things I need to do to prepare my house. I’ll probably make freezer meals in November. And I’ll get Christmas ready then too. I’ve begun some painting projects that I plan on finishing before I get too big and uncomfortable. I figure it’s going to be hard to get any walls painted in the next year so might as well do it now. 

Generally, I feel excited to meet my baby girl, but okay to wait. I think as I get closer, I’ll have more intense feelings about it. We have family photos booked next month and it’s weird to think this will be our last set as a family of four. In my mind, it’s always been the four of us. It’s going to be so different to have another sister. Or maybe it’ll just feel like she’s the piece we didn’t quite know we were missing! 

The afternoon before Greta’s first day of kindergarten, she lost her first tooth. Losing teeth is SO exciting in our family, as I’m sure it is in all families. Greta was absolutely green with jealously when Holly lost her first tooth. She’s anxiously awaited her special day. I think it’s fun and I remember losing some of my teeth, but as a mom, I now know that with tooth loss, comes a big change in their smile and that’s a little heart breaking. This watching your kids grow up stuff is hard! I need to keep having a baby every 6 years! (Kidding, sort of) Greta pulled her tooth out herself, after Conor helped loosen it up a little extra. Conor’s great at getting those teeth just a little looser even though it hurts the girls. Here are some pictures of my cute girl!

Summer is over and it’s so sad! My family had the busiest summer yet and we had a lot of fun! I’m sorry to see it go… and at the same time, I’m ready for cooler days and routine and having a cleaner house and spending a few months nesting and getting ready for baby girl. 

Holly is in second grade this year. So far, so good. The only adjustment I’ve noticed is a little extra sass :). Greta started kindergarten this year and is breaking my heart. I had a good sob the night before her first day. It just seems so unfair to hand them off. Some days, home schooling sounds so appealing. I want my darlings here with me! Greta is doing well. She’s a smarty pants and a perfectionist so I’m sure she’ll excel. 

I’m looking forward to next summer, which is shaping up to be pretty packed already! The only thing that I am not looking forward to is my baby getting bigger and older! Why does time move so fast??

Oomph.. this belly is getting bigger! Baby GIRL is too and sometimes it feels like she’s stomping around in there. Most of the time, I’m pretty happy in this pregnancy. I have more than 2 weeks left of my second trimester and I’m a little nervous for what the third trimester will bring. When bemoaning how difficult crossfit feels to Conor last week, he was pretty honest in telling me that it’s just gonna get harder. I’m determined not to stop though, I’ll just have to eat my pride and modify more. 

We’re all getting pretty excited to meet this sister. We can’t decide on a name and by we I mean me. I’m unable to commit to anything at this time! I’m sure she’ll have a name… and honestly it’s just the first name I can’t commit to. I have committed to a middle name. 

I’m sorry summer is coming to a close, however, I’m ready to nest and tackle some projects before December!

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