Not sure if it's my lens, me the photographer, or my wiggly children, but most of the photos I snapped of them this morning turned out fuzzy. Whoops! So here's two of my cute children. I love these three so much!

I love carousels. And I love babies on carousels. To me, it's really fun and magical to ride a carousel with a baby. I was very excited to take Maeve around on the Looff now that it's finally set up in it's new (perhaps unnecessary) home. So, so cute! Fun activity for the whole family!, and Happy Hollows. And then when Holly and Greta were smaller here in Spokane on the Looff it's old and perhaps superior home. 

At 17.5 months old, we're all pretty thrilled that Maeve is finally trying to walk for real and on her own. Just this past week, I've caught peeks of her walking from the windowsill to the bench, or from the fridge to the cabinets. It's so exciting! Everyone in our family loves to cheer Maeve on. She's still taking to it not as quick as I thought she would, this late in the game, but again, just so happy she's trying! 

This cutie! I think it's time to put a different lens on my camera to hopefully catch fewer fuzzy photos of Maeve. She thought the sound of the shutter on my camera was hilarious! I took some photos of her with my old film camera too and can't wait to see how those turned out!

Maeve is 17 months old and is almost 17 pounds. She's still rocking her 6-12 month clothing! Keeping my baby a baby as long as possible!

One thing I want to do more with my girls is sew, but it's not really my favorite thing because it takes time to learn the basics of sewing and the girls want to make everything really fast and then I just get overwhelmed. I've had this little zippered purse project on my mind for a while and having Cathy here for a visit seemed like the perfect opportunity to tackle it! It was the best having an extra set of hands and Cathy has experience teaching children to sew and she has the wonderful patience of a grandmother. It was perfect! Holly and Greta are so proud of their creations!

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