Being sisters is extra special at Christmas time!

In past years, the girls have purchased gifts for each other. This year, I chose to take a handmade route. Holly made Greta a plate through a company called MakIt. I got together some friends and we put in a big order and got the cheapest plate price. Holly had made a plate like this at the end of preschool last year for herself and Greta has been very envious of it. I think she’ll be thrilled with this gift. It was a little painful making it with Holly - she didn’t seem to want to put in the time and effort I wanted her to put into it. But it turned out so cute anyways. I’m excited for the girls to exchange their gifts. Greta and I will finish her gift for Holly this week before school’s out.

I’m not sure that we’ll always take the handmade route… but as long as I have ideas and the energy for them I think I’ll shoot for it. It’s a harder thing to do with Holly because she’s in school. But easy to do with Greta. We’ll see!

This was one of those crafts that I wanted to do with my daughters because I wanted to make one. We used scraps from the quilts I made for them last year and sparkly modge podge. And then we glued the scraps onto glass ornaments. I love how they turned out! Our Christmas tree will likely be covered with handmade ornaments forever and I love that. I love these little things I make with and for my daughters. Decorating the tree was such a joy this year as we remembered years past from our ornaments. It’s just so special!

My handmade gifts to family are all done and safely in Canada awaiting Christmas. I’m still working on some handmade gifts for my own daughters and I’m pretty sure they’ll be ready in time…

The only gift I can share prior to Christmas is the backpack I made for my 2 year old nephew. I used the pattern found in the book, Little Things to Sew. I hope Hudson liked it! I know my girls love to haul their belongings… so hopefully he will to!

We went for a walk at one of our favorite open spaces on Thanksgiving. Sometimes I feel like a walk with kids has more prodding then I’d like it to, but that’s ok. We’ll get there. It was a really beautiful day. Warm and sunny!

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