These photos of Greta sleeping represent all 3 of us girls. Kindergarten is hard! Greta fell asleep this afternoon while I was reading to her and Holly and she would not wake up! We’ve begun putting the girls to bed ridiculously early because they are zombies in the morning and it’s so sad telling a tired little girl to hurry up. I’m tired too. Hoping that the transition clicks soon. I want our summer days back…

First off, I am so grateful that Greta has such a great Joy School group this year. This time last year when I was trying to get one put together and it just wasn’t working, I prayed my heart out that everything will be okay. I so desperately wanted to give Greta the amazing experience Holly had with her two years of Joy School. And here I am starting the 2014-2015 year with the best bunch of women!

Greta is excited and ready to go. She has been waiting impatiently for this day! I’m so excited for the children to become best friends and I’m looking forward to teaching them. I plan on pouring my heart and soul into Joy School this year because it’s my last foreseeable year. I feel so grateful that I get to do this with Greta.

I just had to snap a couple shots of my girls on Sunday. They’re just so beautiful!

We received so many recommendations to visit the Mormon Battalion Historic Site in Old Town San Diego, and I’m really glad we did! It was a fun visit with an excellent interactive presentation. Mormons were instrumental in settling San Diego. It was really neat! Holly loved it and wanted to go through the whole thing a second time, and when I said no, I had the thought, maybe she’ll serve her mission here. Who knows? There were lots of lady missionaries in old timey dresses.

We did very little shopping while in San Diego and what we did do was done at Old Town. We bought a nativity and blanket and some tea. I know right? Big spenders. But to be honest, I loved that shopping wasn’t anywhere close to important. I really felt like the focus of our trip was being together and making memories. And we did! It was uh-mazing!

Going to the zoo was so much fun! A definite San Diego must. We loved seeing all the different animals and I feel like we saw so many! It was a ton of walking and our girls were troopers about it. Conor gave Greta lots of little shoulder rides to rest her legs.

We saw pandas which was so exciting! Greta was thrilled to see kangaroos (I think a trip to Australia needs to be added to our to-do list). I got a tad emotional thinking that my gandkids may not see some of these animals. And then I thought, well if we lived a 100 years ago I wouldn’t have seen any of these animals!

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