About two blocks away in Manito park is the prettiest little patch of purple Lupine flowers. I really wanted to capture some shots of my sweet daughters with them before this crazy heat withered them away. I think we made it there on one of the flower's last days, they were looking wilted. But I think I caught some okay photos anyways? Maeve wasn't too impressed with having her picture taken and she lasted about 10 seconds but I guess that's just how it goes with a little one her age. Managing expectations over here! Anyways, these three girls... they are so much work and so amazing. I love having all daughters!

Our generous friends let us come and pick as many raspberries as we could while they were on vacation last week. Not gonna lie, I was disappointed with Holly and Greta's picking skills. They ate everything they picked; they would make the worst pioneers. I would've loved to make jam, but instead we enjoyed the raspberries all fresh. Maeve ate lots and lots until they were all gone. One lunch time, I caught her making all sorts of faces. I especially love her squinting and smiling so hard face. Gosh, this baby!

A little visit to Fan Tan Alley in Victoria. 

And Maeve on Conor's shoulders...

We had a fun day playing at the beach and at a playground. It was the perfect location. The weather was still really cool when we arrived. Maeve was asleep in her carseat so I curled up on the blanket and took a little snooze myself. It felt so good! We were really happy when Nathan, Daria and their crew arrived to join us! It was a great afternoon, the perfect way to end our trip!

On our way home from Sombrio, we made a little stop at Sandcut beach to check out more waterfalls. Maeve was so happy to be splashing in water. The PNW is just stunning. 

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