I just can’t believe that Holly’s 8! It was her birthday a week ago. Yesterday, she gave a primary talk and used the line, “when I was 7…” She’s so old now! Birthdays are so much fun (and work!), but it makes the kids so happy to be celebrated! I love the joy of the day. We threw Holly a games night birthday party with friends. It was crazy and loud and Holly loved it! 

We really hit a home run with the gifts this year. A jean jacket and the game, sleeping queens, were a huge hit! In just less than 3 weeks Holly will be baptized. Eight is such a big milestone! 

Some Sunday photos of my little lovelies. Maeve’s white dress is her blessing dress. It actually fits her now!

Better late than never… I did take these photos at the very tail end of June just before Maeve turned 7 months. She’s growing and changing so fast, but she’s still so petite. Maeve is still in her 3-6 month clothes. I wonder when she’ll outgrow them?

Sometimes I wonder if I was truly happy before Maeve. She is the best. 

On our way up to Calgary, we stopped and spent a couple nights in Yahk with my family. It definitely was not enough time, but fortunately we are headed back up in a few weeks. I love that my girls get to run wild with my cousin’s kids. I love playing in the Kootenay lake. And I love spending time with my family. It’s been a lovely blessing to live closer to this little oasis.

Maeve really likes water and that dimple bum is so cute. 

One thing we always have to do in the summer is play at Sundance lake. It’s such a chill, easy way to spend some great time with cousins. Cousin and family time is what my girls want the most! We felt very blessed to get a lot of it!

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