He's just so dang cute and loveable. Also, these overalls!

Snuggles with a baby, hot baths, naps on the couch, outdoor time, chocolate, belly laughs... these are a few of my favorite things! Babies are a gift.

We keep bouncing back and forth between Autumn and Winter. It's been a weird October and November. I prefer the seasons to be a bit more orderly. There hasn't been much jumping in leaves because the leaves are all wet and yucky. In an attempt to roll with it, we made fall crowns and did leaf rubbings one afternoon.

So fun when babies discover their handsome little selves.

We got brave and went on a family hike on November 11th. The hike wasn't long, just over a mile, but sometimes those little legs give out! That morning was foggy and so the trees were gorgeous with frost. I was so happy to get outside and enjoy a trail I haven't been on in a while. I so appreciate where we live, there are quite a few beautiful hikes close by.

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