This week all my kiddos started school. Holly is doing Distance Learning, Greta is Homeschooling, and Maeve started Pond School. Maeve was the only kiddo who had "first day" photos taken. Maybe because she's the only one who left the house? Or maybe because she's the youngest? I dunno, you decide. What a year! We're one week in and I want everyone to go to school out of the house next year or sooner. Obviously it'll be years until all my children are in school full time. But you know, 3 out of however many kiddos we'll have at the time is not bad. Anyways, totally off topic of how cute Maeve is. Look at her! She's so cute!

I'm pretty sure my kiddos hopping into the bunny pen defeats the purpose of the bunnies having a little more space to roam... but it's cool.

Oh this summer has been entirely different from summers of the past. It was a rough combo of corona virus, pregnancy and it's various symptoms and restrictions and just plain old burn out. The last week of summer, we were sick and while I don't believe it to have been covid19, it would've been irresponsible to spend time with others. So one afternoon, I pulled up my bootstraps and filled the Kiddie pool (otherwise known as the Cat Pool or the Kitty Cat Pool), turned a mostly blind eye to my daughters showering and bathing their bunnies and scooped my girls ice cream cones. I let the girls have at it with the hose and it was all kinds of wonderful. I forget how easy afternoons can be while still being memorable.

Our new front yard has provided endless joys. Here are some photos of a flower crown Greta made and a bouquet of cress! This vase full of this beautiful plant brought me happiness for days!

I love that we live so close to Greenbluff - an area filled with U-Pick farms. This summer we picked peaches (too many!) and raspberries. It felt like a zoo at moments, but dang those peaches were yummy! We all had juice dripping down our chins. I made peach syrup (for kombucha) and I froze some peaches that I'll make into jam when the weather cools.

Also, really taking advantage of my kid photographers!

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