Holly celebrated the 100th day of school this week. This means we’re well over halfway through (about 80 days left of school) - bring on summer!

Holly loves school. She is always excited to go, she has never asked to stay home. She is so happy! She has lots of little friends and is doing really well. I started to teach her how to read this month - eek!

For her 100th day project, we counted out crayons and hot glued them to a canvas and then we melted them with a hair dryer. It was fun to make and we all felt really proud of it.

When I look at pictures of Holly from the first days of school, I see how much she’s grown up and changed. For one, her skin is no longer browned by the sun and her hair is longer and much less blonde. She looks older. I feel as though time has sped up even faster than it was moving before school started!

Greta has graduated from Nursery at church. She is officially a sunbeam and I think she’s going to love it! Although she does miss her “girlfriends” who are a year younger than her and are therefore remaining in nursery. I couldn’t resist snapping some photos Sunday morning before we went to church, even if it meant we were a little bit late. Greta is so special to me. She’s a treasure.

I made only a few Christmas gifts this year: a backpack for my nephew, Hudson Pants for two of my sister-in-laws, the dolls for the girls, American Girl doll dress for my nieces, and a quilt for my in-laws.

I love this quilt! It turned out better than I wanted it to. It’s so cheerful and bright and happy. I used a Pow-Wow quilt pattern. I used the corners to make the baby quilt for the school auction. My girls look so cute wrapped up in it, in my opinion.

Conor and I have talked about visiting the Cable Car Museum for a while. We finally did after Christmas. It was such an interesting place - really cool! Not super fancy (it’s free), but it’s the hub of the cable cars so we could see the wheels and how everything works. We also drove down Lombard Street. It was really steep!

For Holly, I helped Greta stamp polka dots on a skirt and then Greta helped me sew the elastic waist and the hem. It was so cute to see my girls exchange gifts. Holly has worn the skirt Holly made for her a lot - almost every day since Christmas. She really loves it! If I have the energy for handmade gifts between girls next year, I’m totally doing it!

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