Maeve is a super copycat. Here she is reading books and eating cereal. I love this little tot so much!

Some photos of my little trio. I haven't taken any photos since we came home from Mexico!

I don't know about the other families out there, but Sunday seems to often be a day of torture for our kids. They are so bored all day long and I feel like I spend the day trying not to lose my mind! It doesn't matter if we eat good food and play some games together. As soon as they are no longer the center of our attention, or eating, or on a screen, they are grumpy and incapable of entertaining themselves. It's painful. Staying up late the night before isn't doing them any favors either! 

Yesterday was my birthday and now I'm 31. It was a relaxed day. In the evening, we went out for dinner with our best friends, Amorette and Parker, while the kids stayed at home and were babysat together. And then we ate my favorite chocolate cake! It was pretty much perfect. 

We've been home for about a week and a half now. Our trip to Mexico was incredible and I can't wait to go back! The day before we were scheduled to come home, we really felt like Conor needed to be in Calgary with his family. Jim was in the hospital and was transferred to the ICU. I'm so glad we made that decisions, it was the right choice. We spent 12 days apart, which is the longest we've ever been separated and Conor came home last night. I flew home with the girls by myself and really, it couldn't have gone better. Everyone was in good spirits and we had lots of help in little ways.

Our dear friends, Claudia and Sergio, drove us to the airport. Angela was there waiting for us and after checking in, Angela, Claudia and my crew enjoyed a little bit of food in the cafe together. That was a really hard goodbye for me. Really, really hard. Angela and Claudia quickly became close friends and I'm so grateful that I met them! They are incredibly generous and thoughtful. 

And now we are home in an impressive amount of snow. Every time, it feels so good to come home. 

Just had to include this photo in my series of Mexico pics! I mean come on, a donkey!

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