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USA opened its border to Canadians! Hooray! I can hardly believe how long the border has been closed and I'm so happy it's open again! My mom came down for a short visit and seeing her in my home with my family was joyful! I can't say we're in the most exciting or adventurous phase of our lives, but we got out and rode the carousel, visited a book store, and hiked. My mom made cream puffs with Holly and sponge toffee with Greta. We played cribbage, watched a movie, walked the dog and visited. I love my mom!

This little hike is 12 minutes away from our house and I've been meaning to hike it with my family for a while. We finally did it! Our Saturdays can be so blah (because 5 kids and babies), but Conor and I would really like to do something on the weekends. So this weekend was it! We packed snacks, bundled up and went. I'm so glad we did. It was so great to be outside and fun to explore a new spot. It's definitely one to return to.

Ah, here we are with a little extra time in the morning thanks to daylight savings. This van full is my whole world! And do you see, E is walking! And I gush over him every time he toddles around. The week after he started walking, he learned to climb onto the table. So you could say it's busy around here.

And then some extra snaps of me and my I Guy because I figure one day he'll be happy to have photos with his momma. Ira is at a super fun age! He's so bright eyed and expressive. We love him.

On one of our recent, warm and glorious fall days, I took 5/6 of the children on a bike ride at Fish Lake. It was short and sweet and magical. I'm really glad we went! Maeve is so determined on her little bike. I'm so impressed!

Anyways, it's not often that I'm a fun mom, so this was great!

All the cousins. All 10 of them. Complete chaos. My favorite.

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