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I love carousels. And I love babies on carousels. To me, it's really fun and magical to ride a carousel with a baby. I was very excited to take Maeve around on the Looff now that it's finally set up in it's new (perhaps unnecessary) home. So, so cute! Fun activity for the whole family!, and Happy Hollows. And then when Holly and Greta were smaller here in Spokane on the Looff it's old and perhaps superior home. 

It was so fun to have Conor's parents here for a visit! Maeve started off pretty shy and uninterested with them, but by the end of the visit she was giving kisses and couldn't get enough cinco's (high fives). It was pretty cute. Poor Maeve has not been healthy since we came home. She's had diarrhea (still has it!), she had an allergic reactions (or a virus, who knows!) to the antibiotics she was on for her ear infection. The reaction started as big, angry welts all over her body on Friday and on Sunday, the swelling moved to her face so she looks rough in some of these photos and not super cute. I'm really happy that the welts are gone now, but it's been a wild ride! 

It was super fun to have grandparents for a visit. We love being back in North America and close to family again!

While Conor's parents were in town this past week, we hiked the Mineral Ridge Trail. It's a great little loop (3.3 miles) that overlooks CDA lake. We had a picnic lunch before we began our trek. After the hike, we went to McEuen park in CDA. It's such a great park, the kids love it! I've really enjoyed watching Maeve fall in love with slides (but everything that baby does is gold to me so...). It was a great day!

My daughters and I did this hike last August. Here's a little flashback!

We spent a good chunk of our last day in Ecuador packing. We did bring home some souvenirs for sure. It was a little stressful making sure everything could fit because we didn't want to purchase a duffle bag or another piece of luggage. We ended up just using our feed sack market bags. I'm really proud of us! 

After we packed up, we went out to lunch. Maeve ate so many french fries in Ecuador! For dessert, I ordered something traditional - sweet figs and cheese. It was good!

After lunch, we went to one of our favorite parks, but unfortunately the zipline was out of use. It was kind of disappointing. 

We went to some new friends' home for dinner. The kids got to help make empanadas. It was super fun. And then we went home. And now we are home. And Ecuador feels like a beautiful dream. 

We spent out last couple of days in Ecuador in Quito, where it all started. We got to go to the same ward we went to for our first three Sundays. It was so much fun to go back! I think having our Spanish complimented was so gratifying! (Now I need to the discipline to continue to practice!) We got to spend a lot of time with our good friends, the Gavilánez family. We feel so blessed to have had such wonderful, amazing and memorable experiences in Ecuador. Being members of our church and being able to attend church everywhere we were was a huge blessing. I especially appreciated knowing there would be a ward family everywhere we went. 

One big lesson we learned in Ecuador was that it only takes one person, one family, one friend to make a huge difference. We didn't make a ton of friends everywhere we went, but the people who did come into our lives and cared for us made a huge impact on us. I'm so grateful to those friends who welcomed us into their lives. 

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