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On one of our recent, warm and glorious fall days, I took 5/6 of the children on a bike ride at Fish Lake. It was short and sweet and magical. I'm really glad we went! Maeve is so determined on her little bike. I'm so impressed!

Anyways, it's not often that I'm a fun mom, so this was great!

All the cousins. All 10 of them. Complete chaos. My favorite.

Just a baby with his grandparents whom he didn't get to meet until he was past 5 months old. Covid, you're the worst. But lucky you Ira, you have some pretty wonderful grandparents!

More pictures with my family of origin. Playing in water in panties. Ira snuggling with my mom (all the heart eyes!). My brother John and I with our Granny photo bombing us in the background. Seeing my siblings and their spouses love on my people makes me love them all the much more! My Dad kept us all fed and fat. Maeve's heart broke when she had to say goodbye to Theia. And I left seriously considering moving to Calgary.

Hey, I miss my family. Covid has been really hard. My brother and his family ended up coming to Calgary for the last week of our trip because my Gramma went into the hospital. They wanted to see her before she passed. It was an odd, "I'm so happy to see you and I'm so sad for the reason it's possible." But truly, it was an absolute delight to spend time with all my family.

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