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Just some photos of us hanging around outdoors. Conor and I had an exchange about how wonderful the relaxed vibe is. That no one is hurrying and everyone is just there. We left Holly and Greta in Yahk with my parents for the rest of the week and they had a great time! Loving my children is my love language.

We spent a short weekend out in BC with my parents. We met them at Kootney Lake on a Saturday morning. The weather was a little touch and go with thunder in the distance, but the sun pulled through for us! Enoch and Ira were very unsettled by the loose sand, however, by the end of our time at the beach, Ira was on his tummy playing in it! This little spot on the lake is so pretty! After a couple summers of no Yahk time, we really liked being out there!

My sweet baby girl is a teenager! What on earth?! Holly is such an easy to please, easy going kiddo and I'm so glad she's in my family. She's a real sweetheart and her friends refer to her as their "friend mom," because that oldest kiddo gig plays out into her relationships with her friends. We gave Holly and cozy sweater and a couple of graphic novels she had asked for. We went for a family bike ride, ate cake and just generally enjoyed the day! Happy birthday darling girl!

After visiting the Spheres, we picked up Cuban food and ate it at the Ballard Locks. It was really interesting to see the sockeye salmon and learn how they pass from the ocean to freshwater. There's just something about large bodies of water that is so peaceful to me.

As you can see from the pictures, we kept the babies out late. By this point in our travels, they were pretty done. So we made the decision to head home one day early. Traveling with little ones is a challenge but I'm really glad we still get to do stuff even if it's at half speed.

On our way home from Victoria, we stopped in Seattle for a couple nights and stayed with friends. One evening, we toured the Amazon Spheres and walked through Downtown to a rooftop view. The Amazon Spheres were really unique and cool. We had to go in two groups which was okay because there was a bubble machine to play in while we waited! Living in a small city, it's a lot of fun to visit big cities!

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