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Easter part 2 was an Easter egg hunt from Grandma and Grandpa around the house! Kimra had the best idea of one egg color per child. Worked great!

A day or two following Easter, the boys were in the living room and I heard Enoch squeal and yell, "Momma!" clearly distressed. Ira had found a chocolate and happily ate it much to Enoch's dismay. I think E wanted it!

This year's annual Scavenger Hunt for East! There were 2 rules:
1. No fighting
2. Wait for Maeve

It continues to delight our children!

And we dyed Easter eggs!

Happy Easter! We did our annual scavenger hunt for the girls. Conor made it fairly challenging which was fun/not fun. Ha! I didn't hard boil eggs this year, but a perk of having older kids... they decided they wanted to decorate eggs so they boiled eggs themselves!

Easter Sunday. We enjoyed celebrating the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Our two little ones did an egg hunt in the backyard. Usually, we participate in a neighborhood egg hunt, but this year that was definitely cancelled. I think I've hid eggs for my girls only a few times, and never for Maeve. I found hiding eggs to be really fun. The two littlers loved finding eggs. At the age their at, there's so much excitement in finding one egg and they were not competitive at all. It was so sweet.

For the older two, we did our traditional scavenger hunt. They love that and were so excited! Conor did a great job coming up with clues for them!

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