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Well, going with the goal of being present over Christmas, I took next to no photos on Christmas Day! Just a few snaps in the morning and one of Christmas dinner in the evening. It was a busy and full day. Lots more food and games. We hosted Christmas Dinner with grandparents and good friends. At the end of the day, I was exhausted! The children had a great day and they're really enjoying their new toys. This holiday season was 100% exhausting, but I'm not sure that I'd change anything!

Here are some photos of our Christmas Eve! This year, Christmas was all about playing games and eating food. It was a really special one, and I'll hopefully always remember it. I mean look at all those cute kids in matching pajamas!

We were so lucky to have a fun chocolate making day with Conor's mom. It's really fun to make chocolates and doesn't take nearly as long as I always think it will. Eating the chocolate is obviously the best part!

All year long, if we're driving through a forest, I always like to identify the trees that would make great Christmas trees. It's so fun to head out into the woods to hunt down a tree. And of course, because lots of trees grow on hillsides it can be a little complicated to find one. We tried out a new location this year and I was very pleased with the scenery. We found a great tree (most were far too big). It looked like a reasonable size in the forest, but when we got it home, we could really appreciate how large it is. We probably cut it down/back by half, but it looks so good and holds the ornaments up better than other trees we've had. I'm very happy with it! We sure liked being out in the snow in the gorgeous mountains with family and good friends.

This year's annual Scavenger Hunt for East! There were 2 rules:
1. No fighting
2. Wait for Maeve

It continues to delight our children!

And we dyed Easter eggs!

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