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We blessed Maeve this past Sunday. It was a really special day, despite the dress drama. We’re so grateful to have Maeve in our lives! We felt very loved by the family and friends who came to her blessing day. Conor says she grinned the entire time and a friend commented that it was distracting. It was a beautiful blessing and so very Maeve. 

And here’s a ton of pictures… so much love!

The weekend following my parents’ visit, Jim flew in and spent the week working alongside Conor bouncing ideas and then Cathy came to spend a weekend. We sure do feel loved. Again, it’s been such a blessing to live close to family! We look forward to seeing Jim and Cathy next weekend for Maeve’s blessing. 

Last month we had more family visit including my Mom and Dad and my sister Alanna. I love living so close to family and seeing everyone more! It makes me so happy! I wish the weather had been more pleasant but I sure enjoyed seeing some of the people I love best!

Sometimes I still can’t believe I have three daughters! They love each other so much. Sometimes it feel challenging to be mothering two very different phases, but I’m so grateful I get to do it. 

I made Conor take some photos of Maeve and me. I felt like I was art directing, but I want pictures of myself and my baby so… 

I live for Maeve’s smiles! Luckily she gives me the most ;)

Conor’s sister, Elizabeth, drove to Spokane with her daughter, Vienna to take care of us and to take some photos of sweet baby Maeve. Liz sent over a handful of photos and I’m in love. I’m so grateful she made the trek down to us and I’m even more grateful that she so willingly shares her beautiful talent with us! I value photos so much and our family enjoys looking at photographs. I have a whole stack of books from the years (and many more to compile!). Very often, Holly and Greta will pull out the books and flip through them. I love photographs and I’m so grateful that they’re so easy to take (maybe too easy judging by how many photos are on my computer!).

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