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A yearly tradition that I'd like to find more enthusiasm for!

Gosh, these three. They are everything.

And at the same time, I can't help but wish we had an extra kiddo in this photo. Becoming a foster momma for me means a huge range of feelings. I wonder if the ache in my heart will ever go away? Or is this what it means to love? I keep hoping that having another sweet soul to love on will help heal, but the phone just isn't ringing.

I learned so much about love and what I lack all in a short 10 day period as our family took on a few different looks. And now I wait impatiently for more love lessons and our family to change again. These three darlings will always be in my heart.

One last summertime trip to Yahk. Gosh, I love visiting my parents! I love these trips because they are so relaxing and good, ya know? There's just nothing to distract from the relationships. I could play cribbage with my parents all night long! We swam in the river and it was idyllic. Thanks for having us out Mom and Dad! Love you!

Summer isn't complete for us without a stop out at Cocollala Lake to visit Jonica and Georgia. Naturally, we had an amazing time!

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