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Switching things up with a walk in Fish Creek park between dinner and bedtime.

For a long time, I've wanted to visit Calgary's new central library. The girls and I went with my mom and it did not disappoint! What an amazing building. I love libraries and books.

Nothing brings me more satisfaction than making Conor pay expensive admission to places like a zoo. Haha. I love zoos and I really appreciate what an awesome zoo Calgary has. We really enjoyed ourselves! Extra bonus, we got special Auntie time with Conor's sister, Nicole.

My man, Enoch, is crushing hard on buses and trucks and all things big and wheeled. The other day we picked a bus book out of a little library and it's his equivalent of heaven. We capitalized on Gramps' bus route and rode the bus while we were in Calgary! Enoch was transfixed. It was really fun! We followed the bus ride with a wagon ride. I mean, it's the little things!

On our Calgary trip, we prioritized getting out for a hike. The Cranmers took us to Troll Falls in Kanaskis country and it was perfect! I really enjoyed getting out in nature and this is me reminding myself that I'd like to do that more. I was really impressed at how well Maeve did and of course, Ira didn't fall asleep until the last 5-10 minutes. He was completely enthralled the entire time leaning his body so that he could see around my shoulder and take in everything around him.

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