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This past weekend we were in Yahk with my family and it was so great. My parents are great hosts and spoil us with delicious dinners and lots of fun. Holly and Greta love going to Yahk - they enjoy so much freedom there and they adore their cousins. We left knowing that we need to go to Yahk for a longer stint next summer.

Our one day at Silverwood this summer. It was a lot of fun… I kind of feel like I nursed Maeve the whole time. I forgot my swim suit (face to palm!) and that was a big bummer! But it was a fun day regardless and we look forward to going again next year. 

This may be one of my favorite days of summer so far. I felt so good and had so much fun with my girls! We hiked mineral ridge, had a picnic lunch and swam at CDA. This is who I want to be. It was a beautiful day and I’m grateful I could experience it with my three darlings.

We spent a fun couple of days in Lake Cocolalla with my cousin. We slept in a tent the one night we were there and we left the fly off because it was such a gorgeous weekend. Well, it started raining in the night, just as the sun was beginning to pink the sky. Conor and I quickly threw on the fly. There was thunder and lightning and a good amount of rain. A night to remember. 

This was a really fun weekend! A million thanks to Jonica and Georgia!

A fun afternoon at Fish Lake with some of our very favorite friends.

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