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I loved this museum! It was filled with antique jewelry and had an impressive display of clothing. It was small and free and perfectly enjoyable (with the exception of the phone call we received to tell us Conor's Dad broke his hip!). It's amazing how quickly the girls can launch into a full-on, disagreement with heat over imaginary things like whether I would let them borrow the tiara I called dibs on or not. Sometimes it's not a good idea to have everyone pick their favorite piece. 

The textiles are incredible and make me feel eager to get home and sew, weave and embroider. Maybe my only regret is not participating in a workshop and the textile museum. I wish I had realized sooner that they existed! 

Honestly, this wasn't my favorite display of art, but the pieces did inspire Maeve to run around growling! There were some neat pieces that I enjoyed, but the majority were a little out there for me. I dunno, as someone who was brought to tears by the Mona Lisa in person, I just couldn't appreciate the recreation that I saw. Am I just uneducated or unappreciative? I'm not sure. 

One morning this week, we visited 4 museums. The museum of contemporary art was one of them. It was a really beautiful space with really interesting pieces. I especially loved the wax flowers. 

It seems to me that all roads lead to the Zocálo. We go there most days even if it's just walking past or resting for a couple minutes. The vibe there is so fun! I'm really going to miss this heart of the city feeling. 

Our lunch today was so delicious! We went to a restaurant called, Hierba Dulce. I ordered a salad that was made of jimaca, beets, mangoes, oranges and a tamarind dressing. And I had a veggie and cheese empanada with a big salad and guacamole. It was so yummy and FRESH! 

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