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A Victoria must for our family is the goats at Beacon Hill Park. It is so much to brush and pet and baby them and we had to drag Holly and Greta out of the goat pen when it was time to move on! Beacon Hill park is such a fantastic place with so much to see. After visiting the park, we meandered into down town to buy chocolate and ice cream (yum!). We stopped by Russell's bookstore which was just dreamy! It's packed full of new and used books, so basically heaven. We had a great day!

No trip to Victoria is complete without hanging out with our other Muirheads! The kids get along so well and I couldn't stop smiling at Maeve toddling around her giant boy cousins! Lola, Holly and Greta were thick as thieves and so excited to have a sleepover together. Nathan took us out on his sea-doo on the ocean (!) and then the little kiddos played in a splash pad. If there's one take away, it's that we need more Nathan and Daria and crew in our next Victoria trip! We love this family!

While we were in Victoria, John and Allison took us on a really fun urban hike. We gawked at all the new build housing, enjoyed a couple of beaches and had fun climbing a hidden staircase. Victoria is a really beautiful city! And gosh, I love that saltwater. 

And how cute is Maeve getting her sweat on!?

On our first day traveling to and in Victoria, we took a Ferry, were reunited with my brother and his family, ate at a carbon-neutral burger joint, and played at a park. A great first day!

My little niece, Quinn, is such a beauty. Check out those gorgeous, clear blue eyes!

I thought I would have all this time in summer because we would be on a break from school. I'm not sure if it's my time management or what, but I am still scrambling! Our house is so much less clean and tidy than it used to be but that's because we are giving way to things that I believe matter more... like picking strawberries, baking a cake from them and making jam. Or going to a movie with friends. And stopping by the neighbors house to chat and paint a section of the fence. And exercise, always my day revolves around exercise. Right now family bike rides are more important than that 7 o'clock sharp bedtime for Maeve. Make believe and reading books and playing with friends. Those are some of the things that are owning our days right now. So yes, my house is messy and not so clean as I prefer it to be, but I have 6 jars of delicious strawberry jam all in a row on my counter and memories made with my darling daughters. 

Continuing to practice letting go... of what matters less. And embracing what matters most. Good, better, best. This doesn't come naturally to me. And maybe I was close to tears last night feeling like I'm not accomplishing anythings. But when I step back and take note of all these little things I'm doing, I need to pause and give myself a pat on the back. I'm doing alright. 

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