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Some quick pics of my kiddos with their cousins, Theia and Archer. Family is the best!

I finally bought a membership to the Children's Museum and the Science Museum here in Spokane. I figure I can't complain about how few (and small) the museums are here if I don't even support what we do have. While Hudson and Quinn were here, we made 3 visits between the two total! So definitely using what we got. The Science Museum is pretty great. It's in my favorite downtown building, and has exposed brick and big windows. It's really well done! Here are some pictures of the kiddos playing!

Maeve thought Quinn was the bee's knees and called her, "Ninny." Maeve was pretty sad when they went home! We all were. Greta called Hudson, "Hudsy." The kids played so hard indoors and outdoors, rotating between the trampoline in the back and the hammock on the front porch. 

So much blogging to catch up on!

Last month, Allison, Hudson and Quinn came for about 5 days. Allison needed to study for her upcoming (big) exam and that gave me the chance to spend lots of time with Hudson and Quinn! It was so much fun! This was one day when we took off to the park. These 5 played so well together, so much so that I felt like we were in a storybook. All different ages, harmonizing and having fun. It was awesome! Clearly, a couple of them are total goofballs!

Yesterday was my birthday and now I'm 31. It was a relaxed day. In the evening, we went out for dinner with our best friends, Amorette and Parker, while the kids stayed at home and were babysat together. And then we ate my favorite chocolate cake! It was pretty much perfect. 

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