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We had a fun day playing at the beach and at a playground. It was the perfect location. The weather was still really cool when we arrived. Maeve was asleep in her carseat so I curled up on the blanket and took a little snooze myself. It felt so good! We were really happy when Nathan, Daria and their crew arrived to join us! It was a great afternoon, the perfect way to end our trip!

On our way home from Sombrio, we made a little stop at Sandcut beach to check out more waterfalls. Maeve was so happy to be splashing in water. The PNW is just stunning. 

I love hiking and exploring the coast line of Victoria. During our last trip we hiked Mystic Beach. This time we went a little farther north to explore Sombrio Beach. It was so beautiful! We hiked to a keyhole canyon + waterfall, ate a picnic lunch and explored tide pools. I found a great big starfish! Just around the corner from the tide pools was a waterfall dropping straight into the ocean. It was a really fun trip!

A Victoria must for our family is the goats at Beacon Hill Park. It is so much to brush and pet and baby them and we had to drag Holly and Greta out of the goat pen when it was time to move on! Beacon Hill park is such a fantastic place with so much to see. After visiting the park, we meandered into down town to buy chocolate and ice cream (yum!). We stopped by Russell's bookstore which was just dreamy! It's packed full of new and used books, so basically heaven. We had a great day!

No trip to Victoria is complete without hanging out with our other Muirheads! The kids get along so well and I couldn't stop smiling at Maeve toddling around her giant boy cousins! Lola, Holly and Greta were thick as thieves and so excited to have a sleepover together. Nathan took us out on his sea-doo on the ocean (!) and then the little kiddos played in a splash pad. If there's one take away, it's that we need more Nathan and Daria and crew in our next Victoria trip! We love this family!

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