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We haven't visited green bluff in so long! Let's flashback to when Enoch was new to our family and we went strawberry picking. And now he's telling me how strong he is as he pulls the wagon! I just took one picture, but we had a great time picking cherry tomatoes, apples and grapes.

The very best of looks.

My little man is three years old! What a sweetheart Enoch continues to be. He has a tender soul and is so observant. Enoch loves playing with his vehicle toys and reading his train book. He wants to walk everywhere and he talks so much! He's grown quite a bit in height in the last year, which we've noticed as every shirt he owns has become too short.

We gave Enoch a balance bike for his birthday and I made him a construction site cake. He loved it! We served him a slice with a couple trucks. To celebrate him, we invited family to join us for a low-key brunch - it was a really sweet day.

Instead of dollhouses and dolls, we're all about cars and garages. I love my boys so much! And this little guy... gosh, my heart pitter patters for him on the daily. He's a joy.

Spring is a little late this year... but I think she's coming. We had one last big dump of snow and took advantage of it. The snow was perfect for a showgirl. Ira and Enoch love kicking and breaking up clumps of snow, so I rolled them their own snowballs to break which also happened to be very fun to slide off of. It's been a loooong winter and I'm grateful for these happy moments.