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We haven't visited green bluff in so long! Let's flashback to when Enoch was new to our family and we went strawberry picking. And now he's telling me how strong he is as he pulls the wagon! I just took one picture, but we had a great time picking cherry tomatoes, apples and grapes.

This year's fall is a real show stopper! It's been gorgeous so far and I'm not complaining! We're doing lots of fall activities one of which was visiting Greenbluff to pick apples and pumpkins. I love picking up squash, etc too. And maybe we got a few sweet treats too. I feel bad E wasn't with us - he was at home napping. We picked Holly up on her early release day which coincided with a day that Greta had off school. We made sure to pick out a pumpkin for E. It's easier to tote along one baby rather than two, but I really missed him and I miss having him in the pictures. (I swear I'm a good mom!)

I love that we live so close to Greenbluff - an area filled with U-Pick farms. This summer we picked peaches (too many!) and raspberries. It felt like a zoo at moments, but dang those peaches were yummy! We all had juice dripping down our chins. I made peach syrup (for kombucha) and I froze some peaches that I'll make into jam when the weather cools.

Also, really taking advantage of my kid photographers!

Strawberry picking at Greenbluff is a must do! The strawberries are these itty bitty things about the size of a thimble, but they are so sweet and flavorful! No other strawberries compare to these. We've picked fruit and berries of all sorts of variety lots of times with these friends. I love that they are such an integrated part of our lives.

Last week we went up to Greenbluff with some of our favorite people and we picked peaches and some plums. The farm we went to has little handcarts and the kids all loved pushing and pulling ours around. This same farm had some sheep and a pig the kids could look at and it had a fun little cabin that made for some great play and make believe! These girls are so creative and fun.