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A little while ago, we went apple picking one afternoon with some friends (homeschool perks!). We had a lovely time… the afternoon was picturesque. A pretty orchard, a play house for all those girls to play in and a picnic. It was lovely! Here are some photos.

PS: I can’t pick apples without fondly remembering picking apples in California at Gizdich Ranch. Take a walk with me down memory lane here. And here are some pictures of apple picking with Greta two years ago - what a cutie!

Another fun summer afternoon, this time at Liberty Lake. The girls found someone to share their fishing pools and although they didn’t catch any fish, they had a great time. I love summer.

A fun afternoon at Fish Lake with some of our very favorite friends.

We went on our first camping trip of the season over the Memorial Day weekend with friends at Priest Lake, Idaho. It was one of the funnest weekends ever! We boated over to Teachers Bay and had the beach all to ourselves. The kids caught frogs and played in the kayaks. The weather was gorgeous. Maeve was a total champ and the best little sleeper. Later in the weekend, Conor fulfilled one of his dreams and set up a slackline over water. It was a magical weekend.

What do you do on those hotter than summer October days? Pull out the pool of course and try your best to cool down. It seems to be fairly consistent - a heat wave in October. When my girls weren’t in school full time, I would take advantage of those hot days and drive to the beach (with zero traffic), laughing at all the poor souls who had a school schedule to keep. Well, now I am one of those poor souls. I’m grateful we have such a fun neighborhood at least!

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