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This year, we invited a family with teenagers to decorate gingerbread houses with us and I think Holly giggled the entire time! Oh gosh, I can't imagine being in the phase of life where we are parents to teenagers, but I guess it's coming! We had lots of fun and our gingerbread house was stripped of all it's candy in less than a week!

In 2016, we had major tree drama. I wanted to perfect tree and Conor and I fought about it and I cried and we ended up spending $90 and then the next day, Maeve was born. 

After that year, we decided that buying a $5 permit and cutting down our own tree was the way we should go. When we are cutting down a tree I care less about a perfect tree because you have to cut from a cluster and it's truly all about the experience. We went to Idaho last weekend with our besties and had the best time cutting down a tree. The snow was up to our knees and the forest was so beautiful! After chopping our trees down and hauling back to the car, we feasted on cinnamon buns, trail mix, oranges and cider until we couldn't feel our feet. I would choose this over a perfect tree every time!

Yesterday, we went to our friends' house and pressed apple cider with them. It was the perfect fall day and wow, pressed cider is so delicious! We had so much fun! My friend, Kristen, made a big batch of cider donuts too. So grateful for the good people in our lives. 

Last week we went up to Greenbluff with some of our favorite people and we picked peaches and some plums. The farm we went to has little handcarts and the kids all loved pushing and pulling ours around. This same farm had some sheep and a pig the kids could look at and it had a fun little cabin that made for some great play and make believe! These girls are so creative and fun. 

For our last August weekend, we went camping with friends at Round Lake Idaho. We planned this little trip way back in June and everyone has looked forward to it. There were 5 families and we had a really great time! The kids all got along great and while the weather wasn't hot, it wasn't bad. Unfortunately just a couple days before our camping trip, fires were banned from Idaho campgrounds. Totally get it, but I'm totally sick of the smoke! Regardless, we had a lovely time and... Maeve slept! Yay! If only she had done that on our Priest Lake camping trip. 

Highlights included: kiddos running wild, oohing and aahing over the fish Rob kept pulling out of the water, a little hike with a wooded fort, and jumping into the water with my bestie, Amorette. Summer, you've been so good to us!

Maeve in her fleece reminds me of Greta in hers so many years ago. 

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