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Before our best friends left for Spain for the last month of summer (what? I know!), we met at the Splashpad for a picnic and some play time. We miss them like crazy and can't wait until they come back. Until then.. check out this cute crew!

Catching up on the old blog!

Here are some photos from our fourth of July. We went with some friends to the parade in Liberty Lake. Not sure what I was expecting, but I can tell you, I was not expecting golf carts. The parade was about 25 minutes, all golf carts, and the kids collected so much candy! And that was that!

Strawberry picking at Greenbluff is a must do! The strawberries are these itty bitty things about the size of a thimble, but they are so sweet and flavorful! No other strawberries compare to these. We've picked fruit and berries of all sorts of variety lots of times with these friends. I love that they are such an integrated part of our lives.

Another June, another Father's Day! I enjoyed celebrating my amazing husband and father to my children. We just bought a minivan (!) so the running joke was that was his present. But really truly, I didn't give him anything. I made eggs benedict for breakfast and after church we drove out to CDA and hiked a little ways to a hidden beach. We parked ourselves there for a few hours and swam, ate and played.

Conor is a wonderful father. He's grown so much as a father, and having children to care for has played a huge part in who he has become over the years. As we embarked on Foster Care, I feel immensely grateful to have Conor as my partner.

We went one night camping, 30 minutes away from our home, at the Liberty Lake Regional Park with some friends. It was a lot of fun (and a lot of work for one night!). We got in a tiny bit of hiking and some mountain biking and very little sleep. This is the camping trip that I will always remember because I drove home with Maeve at 3:30AM because she wouldn't sleep. Blah! She's a tricky little camper. She really likes her crib at home and her space. Hoping, really hoping, that she becomes a little more flexible in the near future! Other than that big bump, we had tons of fun! The kiddos loved playing with fire and burning pine needles. My girls love camping, especially with friends!

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