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Some photos of my little trio. I haven't taken any photos since we came home from Mexico!

I don't know about the other families out there, but Sunday seems to often be a day of torture for our kids. They are so bored all day long and I feel like I spend the day trying not to lose my mind! It doesn't matter if we eat good food and play some games together. As soon as they are no longer the center of our attention, or eating, or on a screen, they are grumpy and incapable of entertaining themselves. It's painful. Staying up late the night before isn't doing them any favors either! 

Here are some cute pictures of my favorite girls! Last night we walked to the supermarket to buy supplies like toothpaste, chocolate, and diapers (except I accidentally bought pull-ups!). Poor Conor is feeling pretty rough right now and so while we had planned to go to a new restaurant for dinner, we opted to take a taxi home, put Conor in bed and go to the local taco shop instead. No disappointments there because the food at our local place is so yummy (and cheap!). I'm hoping that this coming week brings a little more health to my family. At the beginning of last week, I ate something dirty and was really sick for 24 hours. An authentic experience here in Mexico! We don't have Spanish School this week, so we have lots and lots of fun plans like visiting some towns, eating good food, visiting ruins... etc, etc! I'm so excited to see more of this area and maybe do some shopping. 

Almost every morning we buy fresh tortillas to eat with our scrambled eggs. We buy 3 pesos worth of tortillas. On the day I took these photos, we popped into the mercado to buy eggs and avocado too. This little market is only 2 short blocks from our department. It's very small in what it offers but it's kind of magical with it's uneven dirt floor and the colorful banners. I love being here in Mexico! 

I thought I would have all this time in summer because we would be on a break from school. I'm not sure if it's my time management or what, but I am still scrambling! Our house is so much less clean and tidy than it used to be but that's because we are giving way to things that I believe matter more... like picking strawberries, baking a cake from them and making jam. Or going to a movie with friends. And stopping by the neighbors house to chat and paint a section of the fence. And exercise, always my day revolves around exercise. Right now family bike rides are more important than that 7 o'clock sharp bedtime for Maeve. Make believe and reading books and playing with friends. Those are some of the things that are owning our days right now. So yes, my house is messy and not so clean as I prefer it to be, but I have 6 jars of delicious strawberry jam all in a row on my counter and memories made with my darling daughters. 

Continuing to practice letting go... of what matters less. And embracing what matters most. Good, better, best. This doesn't come naturally to me. And maybe I was close to tears last night feeling like I'm not accomplishing anythings. But when I step back and take note of all these little things I'm doing, I need to pause and give myself a pat on the back. I'm doing alright. 

Our new apartment is just around the corner from a park, plaza and church. The church is attached to a school and during school hours, children play soccer in the plaza. To me, it sounds quite competitive! Next week, I plan on going with Holly and Greta to watch for a little while. There's a rickety park right next to the church and fortunately my children think it's lovely. The church that we are close to is so beautiful. The white and red are really striking. It's called San Rogue. 

Conor cut some bamboo sticks for the girls to play with and since they've been playing ninjas/warriors, and planning their Halloween costumes. Always planning the Halloween costumes!

When it was time to go home (so I could go to a much needed yoga class!) Maeve insisted on walking herself the whole way home, while holding my hands. She only paused once. And that was to squawk and receive attention from two people we walked past. That's Maeve. 

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