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Three days after we got home from our Memorial Camping trip, we headed back out to Lionhead campground on Priest Lake. We arrived at 8:30pm and set up our tent in the rain. Later in the night, the rain came down HARD and good news, our tent did great! We had a really fun weekend. The weather was cooler, but that didn’t stop our girls from getting wet! We made friends with our neighbors and they took us for a boat ride to upper Priest Lake. They were the kindest couple! We had a great time and came home exhausted. We are kicking summer off right!

We went on our first camping trip of the season over the Memorial Day weekend with friends at Priest Lake, Idaho. It was one of the funnest weekends ever! We boated over to Teachers Bay and had the beach all to ourselves. The kids caught frogs and played in the kayaks. The weather was gorgeous. Maeve was a total champ and the best little sleeper. Later in the weekend, Conor fulfilled one of his dreams and set up a slackline over water. It was a magical weekend.

More photos of our weekend in the Redwoods! After we packed up our gear, we went for a walk through the Redwoods. It took us about twice as long as it should've to do this loop, but so it goes with kids. Vigorous walking is grounds for a melt down.

Next time we go camping, I want to take my time in the morning - drink a few cups of tea and pack up at the last minute, but without feeling crunched for time. A more leisurely morning camping is on my to-do list.

It was really great to camp again in the Big Basin Redwoods. I needed to take a deep breath in nature... It wasn't quite enough time, but it'll have to do. Camping is always fun and it's gotten easier to pack all of our gear, food, etc. It's becoming a smoother process altogether and so even more enjoyable. And bonus... we had our best sleep camping ever! Yay! We're getting somewhere. And now for lots of photos...

Obviously, if we're going to camp at a State Beach, we're going to play on the beach lots. We spent some time there Friday night and then a big chunk of time there on Saturday. It was a lot of fun. I just love the beach! And having all those kids together - they just played and played and didn't want to stop. It was a really great trip!

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