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Our first hike on our full day at Mount Rainier, was one we could get to without driving. We just had to fork right on the Nature Walk. It was a 2.7 mile loop, 300' elevation gain, with a beautiful waterfall. The girls worked on their Junior Ranger badges while we hiked. The forest was so lush and gorgeous. It was kind of magical. We originally planned to hike to the Grove of the Patriarchs as well, but decided to wait to do that one because I wanted to head up further into the park and onto Mount Rainier. So when we finished our hike, we went back to the campsite for lunch.

Our campsite was less than 5 minutes of a walk to the visitor's center and right behind the visitor's center was a little 0.4mile nature trail that walked us past a little stream and a natural hot springs. There were lots of labels for the plants so we were able to learn about some of those. It was so pretty. We did this on our first evening and it was just right.

I made my dream of visiting Mount Rainier National Park a reality. We camped at Ohanapecosh campsite for 2 nights and it was everything I wanted it to be! The hiking was perfection and because we left Maeve behind with friends, we slept at night (to the white noise of the rushing river), and enjoyed more freedom with our schedule. We had super kind campsite neighbors. We totally lucked out! It really truly was everything.

We went one night camping, 30 minutes away from our home, at the Liberty Lake Regional Park with some friends. It was a lot of fun (and a lot of work for one night!). We got in a tiny bit of hiking and some mountain biking and very little sleep. This is the camping trip that I will always remember because I drove home with Maeve at 3:30AM because she wouldn't sleep. Blah! She's a tricky little camper. She really likes her crib at home and her space. Hoping, really hoping, that she becomes a little more flexible in the near future! Other than that big bump, we had tons of fun! The kiddos loved playing with fire and burning pine needles. My girls love camping, especially with friends!

For our last August weekend, we went camping with friends at Round Lake Idaho. We planned this little trip way back in June and everyone has looked forward to it. There were 5 families and we had a really great time! The kids all got along great and while the weather wasn't hot, it wasn't bad. Unfortunately just a couple days before our camping trip, fires were banned from Idaho campgrounds. Totally get it, but I'm totally sick of the smoke! Regardless, we had a lovely time and... Maeve slept! Yay! If only she had done that on our Priest Lake camping trip. 

Highlights included: kiddos running wild, oohing and aahing over the fish Rob kept pulling out of the water, a little hike with a wooded fort, and jumping into the water with my bestie, Amorette. Summer, you've been so good to us!

Maeve in her fleece reminds me of Greta in hers so many years ago. 

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