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Baking cakes with my girls and giving them the all clear with frosting pretty much won me best Mom ever award.

This may well be the highlight of our summer. I booked a night at the Quartz Mountain Fire Lookout in Mount Spokane State Park and Holly, Greta and I went on a little trip just the three of us. We had to hike in, which was so fun, and the kids did great! The fire lookout has an incredible view and the terrain up there was so pretty and interesting. We played a ton of games, ate jiffypop and watched the sun set and woke up early in the morning. It was a pretty glorious trip! I had so much fun playing and being with my daughters. This was a surefire momma victory. The cherry on top is all the huckleberries we picked!

I pressed some flowers this summer so that my girls could make flower art. And here it is!

A photo of my girls with their good friend Santi. He only lived a few blocks from us and the kids spent a lot of time together. I hope they are forever friends!

A few times, we've stopped at this local little taco shop to buy really yummy (and rolled!) tacos. It's totally a home kitchen sort of style, but the tacos are amazing and so cheap. For 8 good sized tacos, we paid 120 pesos, which is considerably less than what we paid for 4 ice creams! All the little shops and vendors really make the neighborhoods something special. There's so much more interaction between people and it's really cool! I wish there were more small shops in my neighborhood in Washington. I'm not talking boutiques, I'm talking mom and pop shops. Anyways, some photos! 

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