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Happy Father's Days to one of the best!

Conor, Holly and Greta did a local Dad's Day Dash, a 5km run. They trained and fundraised previous to the run and then did the run together! I tried so hard to get there in time to see them cross the finish line, but I just missed them. I'm proud of them!

Another June, another Father's Day! I enjoyed celebrating my amazing husband and father to my children. We just bought a minivan (!) so the running joke was that was his present. But really truly, I didn't give him anything. I made eggs benedict for breakfast and after church we drove out to CDA and hiked a little ways to a hidden beach. We parked ourselves there for a few hours and swam, ate and played.

Conor is a wonderful father. He's grown so much as a father, and having children to care for has played a huge part in who he has become over the years. As we embarked on Foster Care, I feel immensely grateful to have Conor as my partner.

Conor is a really great Father and we had a fun day celebrating him. For our family, celebrations are all about food. Eggs Benedict for breakfast. I made french dip sandwiches for a late lunch. And we rode our bikes to church because that's what Conor likes! Man, I married a good one!

Eggs Benedict breakfast in bed, no dishes, favorite candy, favorite dinner and endless adoration from three girls who love him!

I'm really grateful I get the ride the roller coaster of parenthood with Conor. He's such a great dad, always the fun parent. I love building a family with him!