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Some snaps of our winter break cookie factory. The girls prefer Swedish Gingerbread Cookies over Sugar Cookies (that's my girls!), but Conor loves sugar cookies so... both! We (I) had lots of fun making and baking and then delivering.

My Mom took time off while we were staying with them and that was lovely! It was so nice to just be together. My parents took the best care of all of us! Granny had a list of all the Christmas goodies she wanted to bake and my girls loved jumping in to be the helpers! It was all sorts of magic and so relaxing for this pregnant old gal!

Baking cakes with my girls and giving them the all clear with frosting pretty much won me best Mom ever award.

We learned how to make fancy sugar cookies. My Mom taught us how and it was a lot of fun! The girls especially enjoyed making all sorts of fancy creations. I've never flooded sugar cookies before and it's a pretty satisfying thing to do. It was special to be in town to do this with my Mom and not just seeing photos on the family chat. 

Sometime before Christmas we made swedish gingerbread cookies and sugar cookies. Here are some pictures of my little helpers. Maeve got in like a dirty shirt grabbing fingerfuls of dough to eat! In December, Maeve added the word, "cookie" to her vocabulary. 

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