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While in Calgary we visited Nana and Grandpa Newton. So fun so see so much family!

My in-laws have a really beautiful garden. I couldn't help but take a few photos of my girls out there with their Nana. 

A few photos with my Mom. 

We had so much fun staying with my parents our last trip up. It was a great set-up. The kids had fun playing and Holly spent a ton of time in my dad's office with him asking him all sorts of questions and just being with him. So cute! Here are some photos of my little munchkins playing. 

My Dad is the best. Holly is really interested in engineering and building and I feel a little lost as to help her explore all that. So I enlisted my Dad's help and he found this fun circuit kit all about renewable energy and did it with my girls! They really liked it and we got to bring the kit home.

Funny story, if I ever refer to my Dad as "grandpa" to my girls, they're like, "who's that?" He's only Gramps to them!

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