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My mom visited! And she brought Freyja. My kids love taking her little dogs for walks. I love when my mom comes to visit. We had lots of good chats. We made pots and trimmed them. My mom took care of children which allowed me to get out of the house and do some things. We all enjoyed having her here so much. Thanks mom for driving down for a visit! We love you!

It was a real joy to have Jim and Catherine here with us to share some of the holidays. Before they left, we gave them their Christmas gift. It was really sweet to watch my family gathered around the gift with grandparents. A moment I for sure wanted to capture.

We had a long and involved list of activities to do with Nana and Papa JJ. But, once the adults started getting sick one by one, we had to prioritize. Instead of going into the forest to cut down a tree, we went to a tree farm. The morning we went tree hunting, an ideal amount of snow fell at the right elevation and so looking for a tree was extra beautiful. I mean, check it out! This year, I wanted a fuller tree because those are harder to come by in the wild. And I'd say we found her! Getting the tree home and lit and decorated all went really well. Maeve was a little confused as to why she didn't have some of the same ornaments as her sisters (she had yet to be born those years). Surprisingly, the babies have been very kind to the tree. I'm impressed and relieved to not have to police the tree.

A Muirhead tradition! Chocolate making! We were so happy to make chocolates this year with Catherine and Jim. It's lovely quality time and "work" that just about every family member can participate in especially if one doesn't feel too fussy about the outcome. And now they're all we want to eat.

Here are Conor and his dad, Jim, playing the longest game of chess ever. What do all these men/baby have in common? Their middle names are the first name of their fathers.

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