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Greta has come up with a new name for Conor's Dad - Papa JJ. It's so uniquely Greta to give him that nickname. And so far it's sticking? Here are some photos of the kiddos with their Muirhead grandparents. Maeve really liked checking out Papa JJ's nostrils... 

One day, when Catherine and Jim were here, we went for a walk at Pallisades. It's always so good to get outdoors!

American Thanksgiving is a bit of a weird holiday for us because none of our family celebrates it. We were lucky this year, Conor’s parents came to visit and spent a chunk of time with us. We made a lovely turkey dinner and just spent time together. This was our third year in a row making chocolates with Catherine and Jim and that’s pretty special! Thanks for coming!

While we were in Calgary we celebrated my Dad's birthday with the whole McNeill clan. It was lots of fun to have us all together and to see the cousins playing. 

In other news, Holly was gifted a fidget spinner. 

Some pictures of Maeve sneaking in a bath in Nana's sink! Maeve is such a sweet, happy baby.