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We visited my sweet Gramma McNeill this month. My girls adore her because she's one of the purest souls on the planet! They had so much fun visiting her at the lodge and wanted to return the next day for all the fun events. Unfortunately Maeve wasn't very interested in any of her great-grandparents but that just comes with the age!

One thing I want to do more with my girls is sew, but it's not really my favorite thing because it takes time to learn the basics of sewing and the girls want to make everything really fast and then I just get overwhelmed. I've had this little zippered purse project on my mind for a while and having Cathy here for a visit seemed like the perfect opportunity to tackle it! It was the best having an extra set of hands and Cathy has experience teaching children to sew and she has the wonderful patience of a grandmother. It was perfect! Holly and Greta are so proud of their creations!

It was so fun to have Conor's parents here for a visit! Maeve started off pretty shy and uninterested with them, but by the end of the visit she was giving kisses and couldn't get enough cinco's (high fives). It was pretty cute. Poor Maeve has not been healthy since we came home. She's had diarrhea (still has it!), she had an allergic reactions (or a virus, who knows!) to the antibiotics she was on for her ear infection. The reaction started as big, angry welts all over her body on Friday and on Sunday, the swelling moved to her face so she looks rough in some of these photos and not super cute. I'm really happy that the welts are gone now, but it's been a wild ride! 

It was super fun to have grandparents for a visit. We love being back in North America and close to family again!

Greta has come up with a new name for Conor's Dad - Papa JJ. It's so uniquely Greta to give him that nickname. And so far it's sticking? Here are some photos of the kiddos with their Muirhead grandparents. Maeve really liked checking out Papa JJ's nostrils... 

One day, when Catherine and Jim were here, we went for a walk at Pallisades. It's always so good to get outdoors!

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