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My dear and darling Gramma passed away on September 6th. Gramma was the sweetest, gentlest person I've ever known. My daughters and I have loved visiting her when we go to Calgary and we will dearly miss that ritual. I was very grateful to spend time with my Gramma on our most recent Calgary trip. I'm going to miss her so much.

A link to her obituary.

All the cousins. All 10 of them. Complete chaos. My favorite.

Just a baby with his grandparents whom he didn't get to meet until he was past 5 months old. Covid, you're the worst. But lucky you Ira, you have some pretty wonderful grandparents!

Some loving moments with Nana and Papa JJ...

We celebrated Christmas early with Nana and Papa JJ. It's just so much more fun to exchange gifts in person rather than over video chat. The girls were very spoiled and felt very seen by their Nana who had listened intently to their interests and then come up with the perfect gifts. It was a treasure to spend this time together.

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