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A fun outdoor dinner all together because we had an intricate board game set up and mid way through on the table!

We spent one day of playing with cousins after Enoch's adoption. The weather was fine, so we headed to water! We loved paddle boarding and playing in Fish Lake. Conor left early with the babies so they could nap and so he could continue smoking brisket. We had so much fun with our cousins and are so grateful for a day of play!

I think it's really fun that my kids get the experience of cool, older cousins! They sure love it and honestly think their older cousins are Gods. But, just so you know, Freyja and Cora are totally two separate people.

All the cousins. All 10 of them. Complete chaos. My favorite.

More pictures with my family of origin. Playing in water in panties. Ira snuggling with my mom (all the heart eyes!). My brother John and I with our Granny photo bombing us in the background. Seeing my siblings and their spouses love on my people makes me love them all the much more! My Dad kept us all fed and fat. Maeve's heart broke when she had to say goodbye to Theia. And I left seriously considering moving to Calgary.

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