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Greta has come up with a new name for Conor's Dad - Papa JJ. It's so uniquely Greta to give him that nickname. And so far it's sticking? Here are some photos of the kiddos with their Muirhead grandparents. Maeve really liked checking out Papa JJ's nostrils... 

Because my parents were out of town for part of our time in Calgary, it nicely and easily divided our time between the two families. I loved spending time at my parents house playing cribbage, sushi go and going for walks with my Mom. I think my niece Theia was the most excited to have us around! She was Greta's little shadow - it was adorable! It really was so good to sneak up to Calgary for a quick trip and spend time with our family. 

While we were in Calgary, we went tobogganing with the Larsen family. We love our cousins! It was so fun to be outside in the sunshine. I love the big Alberta sky and sunshine. I was laughing to myself at the people wearing only sweaters, no coats. Feeling really grateful for this time that we got to spend out of doors with some of our favorite people!

And a couple more photos of our time hanging out the the Larsens. We loved playing games (Splendor anyone?!) and Maeve was adored by all. It was all so good.

One thing we always have to do in the summer is play at Sundance lake. It's such a chill, easy way to spend some great time with cousins. Cousin and family time is what my girls want the most! We felt very blessed to get a lot of it!

While in Calgary, we took advantage of the Larsen's crazy tradition of sleeping overnight downtown to save awesome spots along the Calgary Stampede route. It was really fun and memorable. But next time we won't take the train. Haha!

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