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Before we knew John, Allison and kids were coming to town, my mom asked for pics of at least 8/10 grandkids. These kiddos had so much fun together! One day, my sister Kim and I went out to lunch with just Ira. Holly and Greta watched Maeve and Kim's kids (E was napping), and it was so nice to just be with my sister.

We went all in on Heritage Park and bought seasons passes and visited 3x! My kids were in it for the rides, candy and cousins. But really, it's a fun spot to go to with kids. Every trip looked a little different with some common themes (looking at you bakery and candy store!). Also, gotta say that doing outings is so much easier with big kid cousins! Getting out the door with my large crew is no joke and feels so much more doable when I know there will be some helping hands once we get where we're going. Looking forward to hopefully a couple more visits this year.

And some snaps with our Muirhead crew! On a cold afternoon, we went to Ralph Klein park and played. I brought my oldest niece with me too. The kids had so much fun and stayed warm! The zip line was the crowd favorite. After all the big kids had moved on, I spent a good chunk of time putting Maeve and Theia on it! So much fun!

We went on a short trip to Canada, primarily to meet my new baby niece, Arinzey, and also just to reconnect with family. Nothing beats cousin time! I'm kicking myself because I took no photos of me and Arinzey! We were just go-go-go all weekend and it was an absolute joy. My Mom pulled out all the stops and put on a fancy tea party for the cousins. That was a hit!

My Mom made cakes and we had an early birthday celebration for Maeve and Conor. Kids and cake and candles. Just too cute! We had such a lovely, whirlwind trip!

My girls are so fond of their cousins. They love to play with Theia. Here's a quick snapshot of all the kids together! It's so fun to see how much Maeve loves Theia (and her Quinn too!). Love these cousin bonds!

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