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But wait, there's more! On our way back home, we stopped at Fairmont Hot Springs with my parents. Sleeping in a hotel room with babies is exactly what I thought it would be, ugh. But you know, we had fun and made memories. Our older girls shared a room with my parents and so I was able to sneak away while Conor hung out with the littles. Holly, Greta, me and my mom all snuggled up on a bed and watched tv and it was like I was transported back to being a teen (but with 2 daughters??). We loved playing in the warm water and I'm really looking forward to summer. Everyone could've stayed all day!

A few last quick snaps because somehow I never take enough photos when we're there. Thanks so much for hosting us Cathy and Jim. We're a lot!

No trip to Calgary would be the same without some hangout time and my parents and Chef Blakey's home cooked meals. I've looked forward to sampling my Dad's stir fry made in his outdoor wok and it did not disappoint! There were family dance parties (ah yeahhh!) and lots of hugs and snuggles.

One day, my sister Kim and I went to Ikea. These three finding all the best things was pretty cute!

I think it's really fun that my kids get the experience of cool, older cousins! They sure love it and honestly think their older cousins are Gods. But, just so you know, Freyja and Cora are totally two separate people.

Our Uncle Kent owns a landscaping and snow removal business and a lot of big trucks. So naturally, I asked if we could have a truck tour while in town and we got our wish. Enoch got to obsess over trucks and then ride in the skid steer and then move dirt!!! Wow! Maeve got herself a ride too and Holly and Greta both drove the skid steer on their own and moved dirt. It was fun for every gender and age! Thanks Uncle Kent!

I'm thinking about putting these pictures into a board book form for Enoch... with all my spare time. Ha!

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