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This little dude and his buses! So so cute. Lately, at minimum, the bigger bus has sat on the table during many meals and snacks. It's pretty cute to see how much E loves what he loves.

Looking out for number one! Oh boy, this boy makes me laugh!

I have pictures somewhere of Holly doing a very similar thing at a very similar age - walking around with a bag of cheerios. I wish I could've found them.

Oh this little guy, walking around with a doll and a doll bottle! What a Dad he'll be one day!

A new little activity E and I have taken up is walking to the end of the street and back (ideally without crying). E pushes the push toy and says, "uh-oh" anytime he sees it's about the veer off the sidewalk. Sometimes he takes a few steps up a neighbor's sidewalk. He likes it when there's something extra going on in the neighborhood, like a tree getting cut down, the moon shining or a rock to hold in his mouth. It's the little things. But honestly this 20-30 minute activity is just the ticket.

Have I expressed how much I love having boys in my home? I had no idea boys would be so delightful! I love E - he's a joy. E likes this bus, a lot. Last week, I took it away at nap time and he was so mad! The other day when he was playing with his bus, I couldn't resist taking some pictures. It's hard for me to resist buying all the vehicle toys. Oh my little man, I love you.

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