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Spring is a little late this year. Fortunately my little guys are willing to wear (most of) their snow gear and that makes getting outside a million times easier. This time, I shoveled snow into a pile in the yard so the boys could climb it and let me say, they were into it. They also loved filling the dump trucks with snow and then dumping them. It's the little things in life.

This little blog isn't getting a lot of attention from me right now! Needless to say, life carries on. I've been up to my eyes in pottery and taking care of my family. Conor and I went to Mexico City earlier this month and that was amazing. This afternoon I had my camera out taking photos of pottery and Enoch was just so dang cute I had to snap some pics of him.

My baby boy loves his cars.

On July 1, 2022 (exactly 2 years after Enoch first came into our lives), we adopted Enoch. Oh my goodness! What a day! I didn't really have any expectations for the adoption ceremony, but it was everything! I loved being surrounded by friends and family and feeling their love and support. And now Enoch is a permanent member of my family - he's my son. My heart is so full of love for Enoch, he is so special.

Here are some photos of the day - at the courthouse, and at our home. We're a crowd! Thanks so much to my sister-in-law, Liz, for taking these photos and then giving them all to me to edit. What a treasure!

Oh my little man... I loved dreaming and then preparing for his adoption. I made a balloon garland for the porch and a little one for inside. I printed off a collage of photos to display in our dining room and then I printed off some larger ones to put out in the yard. We hired an ice cream cart to scoop cones for all our party guests. I love Enoch so much and generally felt like I couldn't do enough to show him how much! I loved celebrating him.

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