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These boys love their processed carbs!

Just eating ice cream under the table, no big deal. These two are a naughty combo!

Just trying to snap more photos of these two guys. They love their trucks so much. And they're really starting to play so nicely together which is an absolute dream. They are so loyal to each other. When Enoch is persuading Ira to follow him, he'll say, "come on Sweetie." They're feisty and busy and active and all the things and they are my loves.

These two brothers watching a show together. They have their spots, they have their blanket preferences.

Spring is a little late this year. Fortunately my little guys are willing to wear (most of) their snow gear and that makes getting outside a million times easier. This time, I shoveled snow into a pile in the yard so the boys could climb it and let me say, they were into it. They also loved filling the dump trucks with snow and then dumping them. It's the little things in life.

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