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Keeping my two babies busy is a full time job and then some! They both like to crawl through this tunnel and so it's become a fairly consistent statement piece in our living room.

Oh my little loves. Ira and Enoch spent a good chunk of time crawling while pushing the buses along the floor from the living room to the kitchen and back again. And then through the dining room. I was surprised to see that Ira was the leader. These two and their brotherhood... it's truly special. And buses, I'm a complete sucker for boys and buses (and vehicles in general - I love my sons!).

My guys, wearing matching clothes. It's so hard to take photos of these boys right now because they are always on the move! The green chair is on an angle because Ira and E love digging in the dirt of the plant. I'm not even sure why I vacuum it up because they just go back for more!

This bus is a coveted toy! The morning light and matching pajamas insisted that I pull out my camera. I love these two!

Every fall, we have heaps of leaves and pine needles to rake up from all our trees. It can often feel like a really overwhelming chore, but once I just get started it's all okay. It's one of those things that we just have to slog through and finish before the green bin pick up ends for the year. Here are my little guys tossed into a pile of leaves!

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