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Every fall, we have heaps of leaves and pine needles to rake up from all our trees. It can often feel like a really overwhelming chore, but once I just get started it's all okay. It's one of those things that we just have to slog through and finish before the green bin pick up ends for the year. Here are my little guys tossed into a pile of leaves!

The babies were puppies for Halloween (except for when Ira was a tiger) and I took photos ahead of time. Greta and her friend helped me dress the boys and they thought it was so fun and cute. Ha! These two kind of are puppies in real life. E crawls right over Ira all the time and Ira has begun worming his way up to E and getting into his business. These costumes belong to E's Grandma and they're pretty cute. These two brothers are pure joy!

Aw, these two!

As Ira becomes more expressive and mobile, E is beginning to see him as more of a playmate rather than a blob to be poked and prodded. It's pretty fun to see their friendship beginning!

Babies in rompers... the more thigh the better am I right? Love these two.

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