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We went to Grandma and Grandpa's to pick pumpkins! How awesome is that? Grandpa grew a bunch of pumpkins and while the goats got some of them, there were still so many. Each of the kiddos picked at least one pumpkin to bring home and now our porch is looking very festive.

We're leaning into the baby Thor look for Ira (half pony tail) and everyone is really enjoying seeing more of his face. I know one day I'm gonna have to cut his hair, but not today!

Every fall, we have heaps of leaves and pine needles to rake up from all our trees. It can often feel like a really overwhelming chore, but once I just get started it's all okay. It's one of those things that we just have to slog through and finish before the green bin pick up ends for the year. Here are my little guys tossed into a pile of leaves!

This year's fall is a real show stopper! It's been gorgeous so far and I'm not complaining! We're doing lots of fall activities one of which was visiting Greenbluff to pick apples and pumpkins. I love picking up squash, etc too. And maybe we got a few sweet treats too. I feel bad E wasn't with us - he was at home napping. We picked Holly up on her early release day which coincided with a day that Greta had off school. We made sure to pick out a pumpkin for E. It's easier to tote along one baby rather than two, but I really missed him and I miss having him in the pictures. (I swear I'm a good mom!)

We keep bouncing back and forth between Autumn and Winter. It's been a weird October and November. I prefer the seasons to be a bit more orderly. There hasn't been much jumping in leaves because the leaves are all wet and yucky. In an attempt to roll with it, we made fall crowns and did leaf rubbings one afternoon.

Yesterday, we went to our friends' house and pressed apple cider with them. It was the perfect fall day and wow, pressed cider is so delicious! We had so much fun! My friend, Kristen, made a big batch of cider donuts too. So grateful for the good people in our lives.