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I don't feel bad about this, I really enjoyed Halloween this year! We carved pumpkins, dressed up in costumes, took photos, paraded around the block, played at the playground, trick or treated at 2 houses, ate pizza and wrapped up the day with the movie, "Coco," and pumpkin cake! It was absolutely delightful and so wonderful to have all that family time together.

We carved pumpkins! Kind of feels like a fall miracle to have actually completed this activity. Some of the kiddos were more pleased than others with how their pumpkins turned out. So it goes sometimes!

Maeve has started to draw people and kids drawing people may be one of my most favorite milestones! So, I was really excited for this art project - drawing faces on pumpkins. I had previously water colored the pumpkin shapes and then I gave the kiddos black pens and encouraged them to draw all sorts of emotions on their pumpkins. I was so satisfied with the end result!

Pulling out all my crafty skills for my kiddos! When Holly and Greta were little, I did crafts with them all the time. Now I'm busier (to put it mildly) and crafts are infrequent, but everyone sure loves it when I pull out the fun arts and crafts supplies! This past week, we painted little pumpkins and made pipe cleaner and bead pumpkins. Simple, yet effective!

Halloween! My kids ate so much candy along with all their peers. On Halloween evening, Maeve refused to eat dinner, but still ate candy. She was a wreck the next morning! Oh well!

This year for Halloween, we had Hermione, Moaning Myrtle, Sofia the First and a Pumpkin.

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