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About two blocks away in Manito park is the prettiest little patch of purple Lupine flowers. I really wanted to capture some shots of my sweet daughters with them before this crazy heat withered them away. I think we made it there on one of the flower's last days, they were looking wilted. But I think I caught some okay photos anyways? Maeve wasn't too impressed with having her picture taken and she lasted about 10 seconds but I guess that's just how it goes with a little one her age. Managing expectations over here! Anyways, these three girls... they are so much work and so amazing. I love having all daughters!

Our generous friends let us come and pick as many raspberries as we could while they were on vacation last week. Not gonna lie, I was disappointed with Holly and Greta's picking skills. They ate everything they picked; they would make the worst pioneers. I would've loved to make jam, but instead we enjoyed the raspberries all fresh. Maeve ate lots and lots until they were all gone. One lunch time, I caught her making all sorts of faces. I especially love her squinting and smiling so hard face. Gosh, this baby!

My big girls are at Vacation Bible School (they love it!) this week in the mornings, which gives me some one on one time with Maeve that I don't usually get. Today we went to the park. Maeve is so stinking cute. I really, really love her and I'm so glad she's a part of the family! I'm going to prioritize more time with my baby like this. I love this age that she's at. 

This girl is so sweet and beautiful. Lots of love for my Maeve. 

Maeve's kisses are the cutest! They are more of a fishy face and we can't get enough. Conor gets the most kisses. She's also started to blow kisses... melts my heart!

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