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Some Sunday photos of my little lovelies. Maeve’s white dress is her blessing dress. It actually fits her now!

Better late than never… I did take these photos at the very tail end of June just before Maeve turned 7 months. She’s growing and changing so fast, but she’s still so petite. Maeve is still in her 3-6 month clothes. I wonder when she’ll outgrow them?

Sometimes I wonder if I was truly happy before Maeve. She is the best. 

Maeve is a sitting up girl now! She’s pretty pleased with herself, and I’m feeling sad because crawling is just around the corner and it’s all going too fast!

Maeve does not take a soother and fortunately, she doesn’t need one. She’s very content without one. Holly and Greta wish desperately that Maeve took one (and a bottle for that matter) so every now and then they try it out with Maeve. It’s cute and funny.

Some pictures of Maeve sneaking in a bath in Nana’s sink! Maeve is such a sweet, happy baby.

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