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Snapped a few photos of my crew this past Sunday. I bought Maeve a new toy in Chicago and she loves it. It’s not the best toy to bring to church though - those round pieces roll away! Lesson learned.

Maeve’s cheesy grin in the first picture makes my heart melt! That gummy smile is the best thing ever!

My darling Maeve is 10 months old! Some things you should know about the sweetest baby in the world:

  • Maeve broke her first tooth on October 3
  • Maeve is not crawling (lol, too many people to pick her up all the time!)
  • Maeve lives for cheerios
  • Maeve finally hit 15 pounds!
  • Maeve is super short, like so short that we are looking into it with blood work, etc (I feel a lot of peace about this. It’s going to be ok!)

Maeve was totally worth the wait! The amount of joy she has brought into our family is immeasurable! 

Sundays are a weird day. Love me a sabbath and do I ever need a day a rest after homeschooling each week, but Holly and Greta? They do not feel the same, they want to go and play and do and be! Conor is up at 5AM on Sundays and out of the house at 5:40 (I think? I dunno, I’m not up until later) and we have church at 9AM. It’s a full morning! We’re trying to figure out what our Sundays look like these days… email me with suggestions! Here are some photos of our most recent Sunday.

PS: Maeve’s hair…. her sisters love to put it in a ponytail and sometimes they do it before I tell them no and then Maeve hair is all crimped that direction and I just have to go with it. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. 

Last week, we received a really fun box in the mail. One of the things in it was this stuffed koala. Maeve loves it! She loves picking at all it’s parts. Anything that makes this girl happy, makes the whole family happy!

Many thanks to Owen for sending our family some of his favorite things from his childhood!

Until now, Maeve has been riding the bike without a helmet. I picked one up this week and it’s a bit big (Maeve is so petite!), but I’m sure it’s better than no helmet at all. I was worried she wouldn’t like it. Maeve loves riding the bike and I really don’t want anything to ruin that magic. But, with our praise and cooing, she seemed pretty pleased with her new thing to lick. That photo where she isn’t looking straight at the camera, but still smiling? That’s Maeve making eyes at her Papa.

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