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This was a really sweet scene to happen upon! Maeve then went on to read Ira more books! Sibling bonds are something special to witness.

Maeve gets to go to the absolute best outdoor preschool. She comes home singing songs and telling us all sorts of tall tales. One truth is that there are a lot of frogs who live in the pond. Another truth is that she saw a blue heron eat a frog. I love so much that she gets to have this experience!

I snapped this photo and thought it was such a beautiful representation of childhood. Can you find Maeve?

Every now and then, I can be a fun mom. Maeve, E and I had a dance party one weekend while Ira was sleeping and the older kids were at soccer. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed letting loose and moving my body!

My Maeve. Such a ham.

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