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And just like that, it's summer. The temperature doesn't quite agree, but Ira and Maeve were still willing to try the new sprinkler. Enoch was a hard pass.

May I have the strength and patience to survive (thrive?) this summer.

One morning, Maeve looked so cute bopping around and getting ready for school.

My baby girl is 7! She wanted a birthday party where her friends brought presents. This was really important to her and so even though I prefer no-gift parties, I didn't request "your presence is present enough. Please no gifts." And Maeve was thrilled! We glazed ornaments, ate pizza and cake and the girls played. It was a very successful party. Maeve enjoyed herself so much - no complaints!

And here's my girl on the morning of her birthday enjoying a pancake breakfast and more presents. It's always a relief to me when a birthday is done and dusted and my kiddo is happy.

My baby girl is missing her top two front teeth and I'm having all the feels! Maeve's bottom 4 were pulled out at the dentist so this was her first experience with wiggly teeth and it's been fun! I ended up pulling out both of those top two about a week or so apart. I always get really sad when those baby teeth start coming out because children's smiles and looks change so drastically! Maeve is an odd duck and does not want to put her teeth under the pillow for the tooth fairy. She's saving them thank you very much!

Spokane is big into running and cross country and I love it. This was Maeve's first season and she had a good time! Her age group's time trials were at their home school, not at a meet like the bigger kids. It was so much fun to go watch her run and cheer her on. Her perspective is a little different because she has older siblings who have done cross country and Greta has made it into the final all-city race every year. Maeve didn't make it to all-city, but she did run with heart!

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