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This is my new favorite pattern! The Wilksten Smock Dress. Maeve is going to be on the receiving end of many of these dresses over the next 5 or so years. I love this pattern! I sewed up this one with some cute flannel. Maeve is obsessed with pockets and will sometimes get really upset if she doesn't have pockets. The big pockets on this dress are a huge win. Overall the pattern came together quickly and smoothly. The topstitching detail is a big win in my books. Love this look on my girl!

I kind of, sort of wish that it came in big enough sizes for Holly and Greta but at the same time I'm relieved it doesn't. There's just only so many hours in a day!

Just a princess with her winter hat and red boots trying to be like the big girls. 

An emergency trip to the park one homeschool morning when both Maeve and I were screaming. Sometimes things just don't work out as well as I wish them to!

Earlier this week, Maeve and I went for a little walk to the pond and back. Walking with a little one is a fun way to experience the world in a whole other way. This little gal has my heart. She's the apple of my eye!

Here she is practicing being moody on the park bench. Ha! I let her walk the two blocks to the pond and then I put her on my shoulders to come home. 

Maeve is so cute even when she eats her little lunch. Maeve refuses to sit in her booster seat at the table most of the time and that's just messy. She really thinks she's a big girl!

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