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I am 35 years old! Time is such a funny thing. Rolling into this birthday, I feel confident and excited! I have a lot of good things going for me right now and it's a thrill. Now that we have our garage gym operational, I've been able to work out with a consistency that was hard to make happen without it. I have loved that and the confidence it brings. I'm planning on growing my pottery business. I have a couple markets this year, and I'm taking a class with Terrain. It's kind of a big deal and I'm floored that I was accepted and so excited to see what comes of it! This is my year and I'm ready for it!

Holly's birthday party was delightful. She wanted Texas sheet cake and a water balloon fight. Check, check! Almost all her friends were able to come (a summer miracle!) and the couple who couldn't had her over for lunch which was so thoughtful. I'm so grateful that Holly has the friends she has. They're great. Holly herself is a very loyal and kind friend and I'm proud of the girl she is!

My sweet baby girl is a teenager! What on earth?! Holly is such an easy to please, easy going kiddo and I'm so glad she's in my family. She's a real sweetheart and her friends refer to her as their "friend mom," because that oldest kiddo gig plays out into her relationships with her friends. We gave Holly and cozy sweater and a couple of graphic novels she had asked for. We went for a family bike ride, ate cake and just generally enjoyed the day! Happy birthday darling girl!

It's May and I had hoped that the weather would be reasonable for Enoch's birthday party, but no luck! Instead of sunshine, it rained buckets. I had originally planned to have E's party outside at a park (taking the easy route!), but at the last minute we moved the party into the house. It was really fun to gather with family and friends to celebrate Enoch's second birthday! Enoch usually loves to sing happy birthday and blow out candles, but he had some stage fright on his birthday. No worries, Maeve was more than happy to step up and blow out his candles for him.

Oh my heart, my little man, Enoch, is two years old! And oh how I love him! Enoch is an amazing child. He's so intelligent and he's a hard worker. He loves his siblings, especially Ira. Enoch loves Conor and I, although if Dad isn't working, that's who Enoch wants! Every afternoon, Enoch walks laughing through the dining room to Conor's office. He knows how much we delight in him! Enoch is crazy about trucks! Conor cut his hair the night before his birthday and came up with a great idea to keep him still. Enoch doesn't watch tv or shows, but Conor put a compilation of videos of trucks on for Enoch and he was so into it! Easiest haircut ever! I love the feeling of Enoch's arms draped across my shoulders and his body relaxed into me. Enoch really likes books and my heart bursts every time he backs his little booty onto my lap. One day last week, Enoch was looking for his truck book. He had just had it 30 minutes sooner and I couldn't find it! Later, when I opened the fridge it fell onto the floor!

We gave Enoch a water table for his birthday and the kids loved playing with it without water. I think he's going to like it even more when it has water in it. I also gave him two board books, each individually wrapped. He held one for himself and offered Ira the second. This is just a small example of what kind of heart Enoch has. I love my boy with all my heart!

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