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Happy birthday to me!

Maeve requested an Elsa birthday cake from Granny, and Granny delivered! I just love that look of pure joy and contentment on a child's face on their birthday. Makes my heart melt!

We drove to Canada on Maeve's 4th birthday. She was so excited and totally fine with that! We bought her slippers at a gas station on the way and she opened her present once we arrived at Granny's. Covid makes birthdays weird, so to celebrate Maeve, we made sugar cookies together and delivered the cookies with frosting and sprinkles to her preschool friends. It was a joyful activity!

Our Holly Bear celebrated her 11th birthday on July 17th! Part of me could hardly believe she's already 11, but Holly has been telling us "I'm basically 11," for at least 4 months leading up to her birthday, so also not a shocker that now she's "literally" 11. Holly wanted a Worms and Dirt cake (just like her 2nd birthday!). It was overall a pretty lowkey day. She had a small pizza and movie party with 2 friends (and sisters). Holly chose to watch, "Kubo and the two strings," one of her all time favorites. We love our Holly!

Greta is still so easy to please. For her birthday, she wanted to invite friends over for a spaghetti dinner and games. She was so happy and loved every minute. Together we baked her cake and after I frosted it, Holly and Greta adorned it with sprinkles. It all came together just fine.

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