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My birthday dress tradition is still going strong. Sometimes, I'm really surprised that my big girls still want me to make them dresses for their birthdays! But they absolutely love it! Holly helped pick out the fabric (from a few choices I had curated) and she chose between two patterns. She really likes this dress and it's super cute on her!

While we were in Calgary, we celebrated Holly's birthday. French Toast. Presents. Playing at a cool downtown park that wasn't as fun as I had hoped. Ice cream cake with family.

It's hard to believe that I've been a mother for 10 years, but it's true! I love my Holly bear!

One of the first things my girls did when we arrived in Calgary... Dress Ups! Maeve loves wearing this red dress and Holly wore these round glasses almost every moment of every day for the remainder of our trip. Childhood at its finest!

My girls go to a local public school geared towards homeschool families twice a week for 4 classes. When we came home from Mexico, we signed Holly up for the basketball team. I love things that are free and convenient and enjoyable to my kiddos. Holly is an all-in kind of person so for the season she was living and breathing basketball. It was so cute and fun to go to her season end game, although I made a Momma Oops and totally messed up the date! But I got there as soon as I could! I love Holly's enthusiasm and joy! Plus, look at what an awesome big sister she is!

Happy Halloween! I love dressing my kids up for Halloween. It's a lot of fun! Greta is a nutcracker, but perhaps looks more like a circus ringmaster. And Holly is a native American. For photos, Maeve was first a butterfly because she has flat out refused the necklace and hat for her costume. But, she was so pliable with a sucker in her mouth that I decided to try it and she allowed me to dress her! Very exciting! I made Holly's dress, embellished Greta's and I made everything for Maeve besides the green jammies. 

Conor had just gotten home earlier in the day (he spent a week in Chicago!) that I took photos and all Maeve wanted was him! So cute. Love how everyone looks and we are already dreaming up costumes for next year, as we do!

For our church's trunk or treat, Conor was an off-duty cop (that mustache!) and I was a lumber Jill.

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