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My eldest child is 14 years old! !!!! From my perspective, this past year was an amazing one for Holly. She really found her stride in school and sports. She loved her cross country skiing season and then jump with both feet into Mountain Biking and that's become the thing she's most passionate about. It's been so fun to watch her bloom and choose some paths. Holly is a great kid and we're lucky to have her.

For Holly's birthday, she hung with friends and went mountain biking. Her dessert request was "Worms and Dirt," which is so incredibly a Holly dessert in my mind. That and Texas Sheet Cake.

And to wrap up our Calgary trip, Holly went to a Stampede Church Dance with her cousins. It unfortunately wasn't nearly as fun for her as the middle school dance she went to in June, however, I got this cute pic of the cousins so...

Holly went to her first dance!! She had an awesome time! Her friend, Simone, and her got ready together and although they thought they'd bail after the first hour, the ended up staying for the whole thing. So fun! Conor and I both loved going to dances when we were teenagers and it's just so fun to see our child experience the same milestone.

There is no other way I would've rather have spent my Mother's Day than watching my girl shred! This was the first Mountain Bike Race I was able to attend and I loved cheering for Holly. It was a hot one and Holly really felt sick starting on the first hill. After the race, she felt pretty rough! But she got 7th! I have loved watching Holly develop and passion and a drive for Mountain Biking. I'm so proud of her! She has one more race in June in Winthrop before the season closes.

Holly is playing softball this fall and it's so fun to see how much the team has improved! I've enjoyed going to Holly's games to watch her play. Plus her softball attire is so cute! Holly's #38.

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