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Ira is so cute playing peak-a-boo, especially because he doesn't cover his eyes - he doesn't want to miss anything! I love his little lit up face.

Okay, this guy melts me every dang day!

Ira's hair is getting really long and I know that maybe it's getting a bit rowdy, but... I just can't cut it. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to cut it. I love his curls so much.

Would somebody please convince my boys to wear ball caps this summer? They are so cute in hats! Look at Ira in his diaper and hat. What a man!

And then check him out eating from a dumped pile of cheerios, so innocent!

This little guy is so joyful. Lately, I've had him snuggle with me when he wakes up from a nap every now and then. I love when he rolls into me, sucks his thumb, and lays content close to me. I love Ira!

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