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Time is a thief! Ira is growing so quickly. Towards the end of this last month, Ira finally decided that solid food was acceptable and maybe even enjoyable. Turning that corner was a real relief. Ira is pulling himself around on his tummy all over the place and he's really fast. He winds his way through the lower level of the house occasionally getting stuck. Ira seems to really enjoy having so many siblings. Sometimes when I'm feeding him, he'll repeatedly yell and act as though he's listening for someone (anyone!) to respond. When his sisters want him to stop him from getting into their stuff, they sit him on his bottom. He can only rarely maneuver himself out of a seated position. Ira had 3 teeth along his top gums before his second bottom tooth came in, so his little grin was lopsided and funny for a while. Now he has a balanced mouth of gappy teeth. Ira loves baths and I just assume that I'm going to be splashed and wet by the end of it. If I could change one thing about Ira, I would wish for him to sleep through the night. Otherwise, he's practically perfect!

Ira had 2 costumes this year, one of which was this tiger costume. E wore it for his first Halloween, so obviously, I just had to put Ira in it. It was pretty funny to watch him wrestle with the hood. His cheeks look so round and yummy!

When your sister does your hair...

Our little guy is 7 months old! Wow, lots happened this last month. Ira stopped sleeping through the night and we've had a few rough ones. I'm trying to just accommodate him and his needs. He's goes to bed around 8pm (rough estimate) and then I wake him up to feed him right before I go to sleep. He'll wake up one more time in the early morning to eat. Fortunately, Ira is so good at going to sleep! I just lay him in his bed and walk away... that's it! He goes right back to sleep after his night feeds too. I've tried in earnest to feed Ira solids. But he's just really not into it. He really doesn't like being spoon fed. He'll tolerate feeding himself though. Toast was a big breakthrough for him. But he still grabs at everything! No plate is safe if it's within arm's reach or often, when we think it's not within arms reach, it's still not safe. Ira is a lunger! Ira became truly mobile in the last few days. He can pull himself forward and kind of looks like he's worming along. In just a couple days, his speed and efficiency rapidly increased! He's getting into everything! It's so exciting and fun and a bit alarming. It's gonna be a whole new world with two babies moving around! Speaking of babies, Ira is beginning to think E is funny entertainment. It's pretty cute to see Ira belly laughing at his bro. Ira is a very loved baby.

Having an extra big sis around isn't so bad! Look at how much Ira loves K!

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