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The very best of looks.

The weather is warming up and I am not complaining about these chubby little legs I get to admire all day long. Ira has fat little ankles and calves - they still look babyish and gosh I just want to eat them. The boys were initially very confused by shorts and kept trying to pull them down to their ankles. I think we've caught on now.

I'm just going to let this art speak for itself....

Little dude getting it done with a sassy face.

Spring is a little late this year... but I think she's coming. We had one last big dump of snow and took advantage of it. The snow was perfect for a showgirl. Ira and Enoch love kicking and breaking up clumps of snow, so I rolled them their own snowballs to break which also happened to be very fun to slide off of. It's been a loooong winter and I'm grateful for these happy moments.

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