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Halloween was lots of fun this year! As per usual we had lots of Halloween-y type things to attend - ward trunk or treat, joy school party, friend party, parade and carnival at Holly's school, trick or treating in Willow Glen and finally trick or treating around our own block with friends. Holly was Astrid for all the events, except for Halloween night. She decided to be Elsa and match Greta's Anna. Greta was something different for most events - Snow White, Unicorn, Mermaid and Anna. She made me laugh! The girls have traded their candy for a toy, but Greta's still throwing fits like a sugar-crazed three year old... so... maybe it's the cold virus she caught...?

Every year, our church puts on this great big Halloween party followed by Trunk or Treating. It's super fun (and totally safe) for the kids. They love seeing their friends in costume and they love wearing their own costumes. This year, Holly was Astrid from How To Train Your Dragon. I made her costume (thank you internet!), but it's a good thing we had this test run because all the skulls fell off of her skirt. We'll be fixing that this week before our next event. Greta was Snow White. She's been very indecisive and I haven't wanted to make or buy another princess dress so she just gets to choose from what we have. One of her ideas was to be a "unicorn mermaid." So ya, we stuck with what we had.

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