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Trying to make the most of these last days of summer while also feeling burned out AF.

Also, hottest dad dog ever to exist.

On Conor's last day of paternity leave (I'm fine!), we went to Fish Lake. It's so close and so easy. Maeve and I caught a frog and I loved watching all 5 of my children all focused in on the same thing and doing something together. The boys thought the frog was so funny! One of those delightful and rare moments when my kids are all engaged in something together. The little three loved the tunnels that someone else had dug. Can you believe that at the beginning of the summer sand made my boys cry?! Now they have no problems with it. And of course and little naked baby rinse at the end of play time before a dry diaper. I love me some baby booty!

We spent one day of playing with cousins after Enoch's adoption. The weather was fine, so we headed to water! We loved paddle boarding and playing in Fish Lake. Conor left early with the babies so they could nap and so he could continue smoking brisket. We had so much fun with our cousins and are so grateful for a day of play!