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Baking cakes with my girls and giving them the all clear with frosting pretty much won me best Mom ever award.

I pressed some flowers this summer so that my girls could make flower art. And here it is!

When Holly was in kindergarten, we "raised" caterpillars. I decided to order a cup of caterpillars again this spring so that we could observe metamorphosis. Out of our 6 caterpillars, one failed to exit it's chrysalis, one came out with deformed wings, and another looked fine, but had trouble flying. So three flew away all good, no problems. Conor pointed out that the butterflies that didn't make it were nature too, but I still felt bad.

Maeve can say butterfly and it's pretty dang cute.

We just wrapped up a unit on the Water Cycle. Living in Mexico and having clean water truly limited sparked an interest in water for my girls. We did some fun little experiments and (hopefully!) learned lots!

My friends planned a fun little field trip for the kids. We toured a local pizza shop, Pizza Rita. The kids helped make a couple pizzas, mix dough and they got to see how it all works. They were all really happy and engaged! It was cute. And then just after 10 in the morning, the kids all ate pizza and drank sodas! It was a dream come true.

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