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I pressed some flowers this summer so that my girls could make flower art. And here it is!

This was a fun two-step art project. First we covered a piece of cardstock completely with crayon. Then we painted over it with india ink mixed with a bit of dish soap. After that dried, we scratched our designs with nails. 

We went to the children's museum (Museo Infantil de Oaxaca) one afternoon and the girls painted and made collages. As I said before this building is beautiful and this time I remembered to take some photos. I loved seeing Maeve paint her little circles until everything was mud. Holly and Greta took their pieces of art so seriously and really enjoyed themselves. This is such a treasure in the city.

We went on a little adventure to Etla San Augustin with our friends, Valerie and Clay. The 7 of us squashed into a collectivo taxi and traveled out of Oaxaca. Our first stop was this recently opened exhibit that displayed photographs taken from an airplane of locations in Oaxaca State. I loved seeing the burst of trees that are the Zocálo and Monte Albán from above looked pretty incredible! This photos were taken with a camera that weighs 7kg! I would love to own one of the prints, but unfortunately it didn't seem that there were any for sale. 

One rainy day, we visited Museo de las Culturas Aborigenes. Maeve was napping and left at home while Conor worked. The girls and I loved this museum, although I believe what Holly and Greta liked best was the shop at the end. This museum is much larger than it appears from the outside and was so fascinating. On the way in, he were given a guide book in english. For the different sections, there were illustrations of some of the pieces in the book. Holly and Greta loved hunting for the real life pieces. We spent a surprising amount of time in this museum. Every time we walk past it, the girls ask to return!

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