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The ponds are frozen! My girls were so excited and have been out ice skating a couple of times. It's just so much fun to be able to walk a couple blocks to a pond and skate. I love where we live!

We had a huge snow day this past week! It was awesome for outdoor playtime! My girls had started a fort and were able to add a whole bunch more to it. My older two spent 3.5 hours straight outside! They walked to their friends' and met them halfway and then went sledding and then came back to our house and then pack to the park to sled some more! In a season where indoor playdates are a no-go, that afternoon was bliss, especially for me! Even E had fun watching the kids play!

Holly made Maeve this scarf and it's so cute and soft! Aren't big sisters just the sweetest? The scarf even has a pom-pom on each end.

I'm pretty sure my kiddos hopping into the bunny pen defeats the purpose of the bunnies having a little more space to roam... but it's cool.

Oh this summer has been entirely different from summers of the past. It was a rough combo of corona virus, pregnancy and it's various symptoms and restrictions and just plain old burn out. The last week of summer, we were sick and while I don't believe it to have been covid19, it would've been irresponsible to spend time with others. So one afternoon, I pulled up my bootstraps and filled the Kiddie pool (otherwise known as the Cat Pool or the Kitty Cat Pool), turned a mostly blind eye to my daughters showering and bathing their bunnies and scooped my girls ice cream cones. I let the girls have at it with the hose and it was all kinds of wonderful. I forget how easy afternoons can be while still being memorable.

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