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We recently had a really fun day that was full of water play! First we went to Fish Lake. Holly caught a fish in her net! That was so exciting. We left Fish Lake around lunch time, just when it was starting to get busier. We ate lunch and then put on the sprinkler. And then when Conor was done work, we swam in our friend's pool. It was pretty awesome day! My goal was to tire everyone out, but I think I was the most tired at the end of it all.

Just my favorite girls having a tea party.

Sunday church service keeps getting shorter and shorter. Maeve and K just want to giggle and make demands for coloring sheets endlessly. But we press on, and teach the Gospel the best we can! And then we breathe a sigh of relief when we wrap up the primary lesson. It's a lot of moving parts over here!

This past Sunday, I curled each of my kiddos' hair. They all looked so fancy. I don't really need an excuse to take photos of the sisters, but ya know, I'll pretend like doing their hair was my motivation.

Maeve and K are besties. They play, fight and then play some more. It's so sweet to watch their friendship (when they're in the playing stage!).

Maeve's hair didn't really take the curl. It's so super fine, thin and short. But we tried anyways! And that little flip was pretty dang cute.

Our two little ones did an egg hunt in the backyard. Usually, we participate in a neighborhood egg hunt, but this year that was definitely cancelled. I think I've hid eggs for my girls only a few times, and never for Maeve. I found hiding eggs to be really fun. The two littlers loved finding eggs. At the age their at, there's so much excitement in finding one egg and they were not competitive at all. It was so sweet.

For the older two, we did our traditional scavenger hunt. They love that and were so excited! Conor did a great job coming up with clues for them!

Dying Easter eggs felt a little frivolous when the number of eggs we can buy is currently limited, however I decided to still dye eggs although we did dye fewer than we would have otherwise done. The kids love dying eggs so much.

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