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Let's just say that with Church at Home, our "Sunday Best" standards have slipped. Ha, here are some very real photos :)

Sunday church service keeps getting shorter and shorter. Maeve and K just want to giggle and make demands for coloring sheets endlessly. But we press on, and teach the Gospel the best we can! And then we breathe a sigh of relief when we wrap up the primary lesson. It's a lot of moving parts over here!

This past Sunday, I curled each of my kiddos' hair. They all looked so fancy. I don't really need an excuse to take photos of the sisters, but ya know, I'll pretend like doing their hair was my motivation.

Maeve and K are besties. They play, fight and then play some more. It's so sweet to watch their friendship (when they're in the playing stage!).

Maeve's hair didn't really take the curl. It's so super fine, thin and short. But we tried anyways! And that little flip was pretty dang cute.

For the last three weeks, we've held church at home. It's been a pretty special experience and sometimes fairly rowdy. I'm so grateful I have the resources and the ability to continue to teach my children and to learn. There's something so sacred about our home being a place of worship.

My baby girls!

We had a really beautiful Christmas service this Sunday. These days, I'm often contemplating what the future holds for our family and I feel a lot of fear! But I always, always come back to my trust in God's plan for me, my family and my baby. It's because He was born that I can have this hope, faith, trust.

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