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Spring is a little late this year... but I think she's coming. We had one last big dump of snow and took advantage of it. The snow was perfect for a showgirl. Ira and Enoch love kicking and breaking up clumps of snow, so I rolled them their own snowballs to break which also happened to be very fun to slide off of. It's been a loooong winter and I'm grateful for these happy moments.

Sledding with my girls at the local hill while the babies nap. This year, Maeve can walk herself and a sled back up the hill! This feels like a huge milestone. Last year, I had to help her back up the hill and my pregnant body had a problem with that. And bonus, Maeve thinks sledding is really fun.

Ah, here we are with a little extra time in the morning thanks to daylight savings. This van full is my whole world! And do you see, E is walking! And I gush over him every time he toddles around. The week after he started walking, he learned to climb onto the table. So you could say it's busy around here.

And then some extra snaps of me and my I Guy because I figure one day he'll be happy to have photos with his momma. Ira is at a super fun age! He's so bright eyed and expressive. We love him.

Just cause they're so cute.

This was a really sweet scene to happen upon! Maeve then went on to read Ira more books! Sibling bonds are something special to witness.

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