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I took the littles tobogganing one afternoon and goodness, they could've gone all afternoon! They did so great at taking turns pulling the sled up the hill and sitting in the front. I had to walk Maeve up the hill each time so I got my workout in. Afterwards, hot chocolate with marshmallows.

The first snow of the year is always magical (even if it did rudely ruin fall). I think my very favorite thing about the first snow is how much time the kiddos spend playing in it! It's a major Mom win! The snow stuck around for quite some time too allowing for all sorts of fun!

We have had so little snow this winter! There has been snow a couple other times here in Spokane, but both those times we were in Calgary. My girls have only been sledding once this winter. It's kind of crazy, but I'm really not complaining about the sun that has been shining this week. Even so, when the snow fell last week, we had to get out and enjoy it. I shoveled the walk (a task I actually like so long as it's not too often) and Maeve laid in the sled completely expressionless while her sisters pulled her around. Holly could spend hours wandering around and playing in the snow. Hopefully we get a little bit more snow later this season!