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Give Maeve a ride on motorcycle and she is one happy gal! Love, love, love this girl so much! I want to buy or borrow a ride on toy for her when we get home. 

For a couple days, we had some pretty cool upstairs neighbors. They are a family of 3 who have been living in Latin America for 8 months and will continue on indefinitely. We went out to dinner and ice cream with them one night because Conor and I both wanted to ask them lots of questions about their experience thus far. We had the best time swapping stories and laughing. What a treat to meet such a neat family! This will be us when Maeve is 12!

One of our last times with our dear friends Monica, Gustavo, Juanito and Nicole. 

We bumped into this spare parts shop in Cuenca. Holly was totally in love with it! She thought it was the coolest thing ever. 

We just had to visit this chocolate factory one more time. I think I understood that one day a week, older women come in a make chocolate using the traditional method, but maybe I didn't understand? Anyways, not to worry. This chocolate factory is incredible. We went with out friend that I met at yoga class in Cuenca. It's so fun to have real live friends! I bought some unsweetened chocolate. Hoping it makes it home ok with me so that I can make hot chocolate and ice cream. 

Holly and Greta wore their new traditional Cuencan outfits. Finding these skirts and blouses for a decent price was a big win! 

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