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We had a really lovely Saturday here in Cuenca recently. We woke up slow and then headed out the the Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno. It was fantastic! This building has in the past been a school, a recovery place for alcoholics and a jail. The small rooms that the galleries are in (all those doors in a row!) were once upon a time jail cells. We had a one on one tour (in spanish!) throughout the entire museum, which included a fun art project for the children. I had no idea how awesome this museum was going to be, however it was fantastic! Would return! One of my favorite galleries was art by Luis Crespo Ordóñez. I really liked the vibrant colors, stripes and geometric patterns he used. When I look up some of the artists I like here, there isn't anything I can buy. I want a print or a book about the artist. But these things don't seem to exist. I may have to return to the museum and see if there's anything in the store. 

Another display that we loved was origami pine wood pieces. It was incredible! Some of the wood was so thin that light passed through. 

Towards the end of our visit, we came across a couple of museum dogs and one of them followed us for the remainder of our time. Of course all three of my girls loved the dog! But maybe that's where Holly's flea bites came from? Poor girl!

After our visit, we went across the street to a cafe that caters to gringos. I had the most amazing cobb salad and KOMBUCHA! Add that to things I miss. I love Saturdays. 

This afternoon, we visited this Catholic museum. I walked right in because so far almost all the museums we've visited have been free! We've only paid for one. But I was quickly turned around and redirected to the front desk to pay admission for my daughters and myself. Whoops. While I did enjoy this museum, I liked the building and the lighting more than what the museum contains. I think I would have a greater appreciation if I were Catholic. As a Christian I still appreciate what I saw, but I'm sure not in the same way as someone who practices Catholicism. The building itself was really beautiful. I loved the wood floors, the painted wooden doors and the ceiling in each room was painted in stripes. The courtyards were dreamy. I sure enjoyed taking photos of my daughters here. I'm always chasing the perfect photo which is harder with three children instead of two. And a baby who likes to look away and do her own thing! Oh Maeve. I'm often wearing Maeve in the ergo, which makes it a little tricky to get her into photos. It takes a little more effort to get her out of the ergo and wiggling in her sisters' arms! 

I really enjoy these afternoons when we get out and see things around town. So rewarding. 

This past week, we visited a couple of museums with our tutor, one of which was the sombrero museum. I have been told and read so many times that panama hats are not from Panama, they are from Ecuador. I didn't anticipate the cost of some of the hats. While there were hats for $25, there were also hats for $800! I'm not ashamed to say we left the museum empty handed.

There is a beautiful view of the city from the cafe. I really liked the re-purposed hat molds turned planters.