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We went to the children's museum (Museo Infantil de Oaxaca) one afternoon and the girls painted and made collages. As I said before this building is beautiful and this time I remembered to take some photos. I loved seeing Maeve paint her little circles until everything was mud. Holly and Greta took their pieces of art so seriously and really enjoyed themselves. This is such a treasure in the city.

Right besides the building that housed the photography exhibit is an old textile factory that has so much potential and is referred to as the Cultural Center but it seems to contain very little culture. It really could be something amazing! Nevertheless, my daughters had the best time playing hide and seek and tag and variations of those two games. In the upstairs level, there was an exercise class. And the windows had these amazing cut outs pasted to them. It was gorgeous!

We went on a little adventure to Etla San Augustin with our friends, Valerie and Clay. The 7 of us squashed into a collectivo taxi and traveled out of Oaxaca. Our first stop was this recently opened exhibit that displayed photographs taken from an airplane of locations in Oaxaca State. I loved seeing the burst of trees that are the Zocálo and Monte Albán from above looked pretty incredible! This photos were taken with a camera that weighs 7kg! I would love to own one of the prints, but unfortunately it didn't seem that there were any for sale. 

On Friday, we went to the children's museum and we really liked it! First off, it was free. I really appreciate how so many museums here are free or really inexpensive. The museum itself was pretty varied. It had a library, old trains to climb on, stray dogs, a couple playgrounds, an obstacle course and the most amazing swings ever! Some parts of the space reminded me of the play areas in Europe where children are allowed to build bonfires because it was wild and unmaintained. But the obstacle course and the train museum building were so polished! I didn't take any photos of the train museum, but it was a really neat space! An old train station was converted into this museum, and just about everything about it was so cool. Now, I regret taking photos, but I think we're going to take the girls back for at least one (free!) workshop. I just recently bought a membership to our children's museum and science center back home and I kind of wonder with all the money that is in the USA, why aren't there more free museums? 

If you are visiting Oaxaca with children, go here for sure! 

I loved this museum! It was filled with antique jewelry and had an impressive display of clothing. It was small and free and perfectly enjoyable (with the exception of the phone call we received to tell us Conor's Dad broke his hip!). It's amazing how quickly the girls can launch into a full-on, disagreement with heat over imaginary things like whether I would let them borrow the tiara I called dibs on or not. Sometimes it's not a good idea to have everyone pick their favorite piece. 

The textiles are incredible and make me feel eager to get home and sew, weave and embroider. Maybe my only regret is not participating in a workshop and the textile museum. I wish I had realized sooner that they existed! 

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