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These three girls. It’s all bliss with Maeve. Everything she does is adorable, even her blow outs. Maeve took some big girl baths this week and we all adored it. Holly and Greta love their sister so much! And Maeve feels similarly. She loves smiling and laughing at her sisters. This past week, I brought out all our baby board books. Holly and Greta have loved reading the books to Maeve. Maeve will be so well read! It’s so great to have such a small person bring so much big love into our home.

Just a bunch of sister pictures. I can’t believe I have three girlfriends! It’s so weird to refer to Greta as my middle child still. 

Greta really loves Maeve. As soon as she hears the slightest baby noise in the mornings, she is blasting up the stairs to say hi to Maeve. It is so cute! I had some reservations about Greta becoming a big sister, however, she has done so well. She loves Maeve with all her heart. Just now she was reading books to Maeve. Maeve loves her sisters, I can see the look of admiration in her eyes. It’s pretty special. 

Greta turned 6 years old earlier this week! I just can’t imagine life without my sweet and spicy girl! Greta had a big birthday party this year with lots of friends and a special guest - a witch! This witch was at one of Greta’s friend’s birthday parties in October and was kind enough to come to Greta’s party. Greta loved her birthday party! She was such a happy girl. Seeing her so satisfied made all the stress and planning worth it. On her birthday, we made a special breakfast, I ate lunch with her at school, we made pizza and ate cake! Here’s to being 6 years old!

Sometimes I still can’t believe I have three daughters! They love each other so much. Sometimes it feel challenging to be mothering two very different phases, but I’m so grateful I get to do it. 

I made Conor take some photos of Maeve and me. I felt like I was art directing, but I want pictures of myself and my baby so… 

I live for Maeve’s smiles! Luckily she gives me the most ;)

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