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“Greta the Great”

Greta is saying "goodbye" to elementary school and she's on to middle school! There was a little promotion ceremony and it was really fun to have my mom here for that. Greta won the Spirit of Roosevelt award and I'm so proud of her! She's a great kid! She had an awesome year at school and navigated the girl-drama well. I'm excited to see her shine in middle school!

My Greta turned 12 years old this month! Greta wanted high top converse shoes for her birthday and she wanted her ears pierced. I also bought her a pair of loose fitting jeans (OMG), which is a big deal. Hard Pants! Greta is creative, passionate, funny, loving. She wants hugs all the time and surprised me with how much she anticipated missing me when I went to Mexico City last month. She's my deep thinker and feels deeply. I'm so glad she's my daughter!

Here we go! Not sure that the math is correct here, it seems to me that if I have 3 children going to school, I should have less than 2 at home... but I guess it does add up because I really do have 5 kiddos. Whew! I think and hope that having the older three at school will free up some of my life a bit, but the first day all three were at school, there was dirt all over my living room (my poor house plants) and toys everywhere. So am I winning? I think I just need to buy more toys, haha. Or an heirloom play kitchen, right Conor?!

Here's Greta on her first day! She's in sixth grade this year, her last year in Elementary school, although you could say she's a middle schooler because she's doing a middle school curriculum. I really hope Greta has a good year. She has some pretty great friends and she's going to try some new things (basketball, an instrument) this year while continuing with activities she knows and loves (cross country, soccer). How is it possible that she's already this old??

And my Holly girl! Holly is in eighth grade, her last year of middle school. Next year, we won't use numbered grades, instead she'll be a freshman! Okay but let's stay present in this moment. This girl has a heart of gold and I'm really proud of her. She's a hard worker and I'm so grateful she has an awesome friend group at school! I can't imagine Holly having anything other than a good year. Crossing my fingers because those middle school years have the potential to be hard.

And oh my little baby off to kindergarten. I joke that her teacher is going to correct all of our parenting failures, but am I actually joking?! Maeve is very excited about kindergarten. Greta helped her pick out her outfit and did her hair too. When Conor told Maeve he would miss her, Maeve told him that she was going to come back. And then when we were all walking with her to school, she asked us why we were coming. She's just so eager to be a big girl walking to school with Greta and the neighbors. When we were within sight of the school and she could see the quantity of children, Maeve became nervous. And so then I think she was glad her parents were with her! I walked Maeve into her classroom and she was definitely nervous, but she had a great day! Next week she goes every day, full days! I think she's going to be so tired and grumpy, but we'll get through it! She can do it!

And now I'm trying to not think too much of next year when I have 3 children, in 3 different schools and maybe Enoch in preschool? I don't need that anticipatory anxiety!

My darling Greta turned 11 years old. I think she'll be stuck at 10 in my mind forever though! All Greta wanted for her birthday was books! We had a birthday party for Greta at the local park's outdoor fireplace where we roasted hot dogs, marshmallows and starbursts. On Greta's actual birthday (a Monday), we ate waffles and opened presents and sent Greta to school late. Greta wanted fancy pizza for dinner - yum! And after school, Greta and I played card games together. I love my Greta!

Greta qualified for the All-City Cross Country Meet. I'm so proud of her and she did great! Ultimately she came in 8th (!) and ran a mile in 6:58, which is totally unbelievable. And the best part, check out the photos. Greta is smiling and enjoying herself. She ran with one of her friends and I really couldn't have been more pleased with the whole thing.

Afterwards, we checked out an ice cream diner place together. It was a great day!

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