Here are some cute pictures of my favorite girls! Last night we walked to the supermarket to buy supplies like toothpaste, chocolate, and diapers (except I accidentally bought pull-ups!). Poor Conor is feeling pretty rough right now and so while we had planned to go to a new restaurant for dinner, we opted to take a taxi home, put Conor in bed and go to the local taco shop instead. No disappointments there because the food at our local place is so yummy (and cheap!). I'm hoping that this coming week brings a little more health to my family. At the beginning of last week, I ate something dirty and was really sick for 24 hours. An authentic experience here in Mexico! We don't have Spanish School this week, so we have lots and lots of fun plans like visiting some towns, eating good food, visiting ruins... etc, etc! I'm so excited to see more of this area and maybe do some shopping.