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For our 4th of July, we spent the weekend with some of our oldest friends. We've known the Blodgetts for 14 years. We had an awesome weekend filled with treats, swimming, playtime, movies, late nights and babies. I came home feeling really grateful for long standing relationships and looking forward to more fun memories! The kids all got along so well and they played so hard!

We had originally planned to be in Yahk with my family for 4th of July. This summer kind of hurts. I hate being separated. It's been really hard to accept. We had a really lovely 4th of July despite the change in plans. We decorated bikes with neighbors and then had a little parade around the local park. We played some fun games. I took a nap ;) The girls decorated a very pinterest worthy (HA) flag cake. Oh gosh, it was comical and that cake is going to be remembered for all time. They were a little choked it didn't turn out exactly how they wanted it, but I don't know that I could love it more. We ate dinner and played with friends and then I took Holly and Greta to see the fireworks while Conor took care of the littles. I'm really grateful we were able to have a good day.

Catching up on the old blog!

Here are some photos from our fourth of July. We went with some friends to the parade in Liberty Lake. Not sure what I was expecting, but I can tell you, I was not expecting golf carts. The parade was about 25 minutes, all golf carts, and the kids collected so much candy! And that was that!