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On Memorial Day, we went to Post Falls with our friends and hiked in Q'emiln Park. My girls and I have been there once to swim in the river a couple years back. I had no idea there would be so many interesting trails! Starting off I was a little nervous about how my crew would do becuase the elevation change was completely different from what I had in my mind. But everyone surprised me and did great! Maeve fell asleep in the backpack for a good chunk of time. We finished our hike right before the rain really started to come down! It was really gorgeous and definitely something I would want to do again. Our total distance was around 4 miles.

This was a couple weeks ago now. A fun trip to a state park with friends! Everyone was so happy to be outside playing and building forts. It was a pretty day. My friend told me that last year she and some others rafted down the river right through Bowl & Pitcher and I thought that was so crazy and terrifying. And then 5 days later, Conor and I are on a raft with friends, going down the river right through Bowl & Pitcher!

These two little buddies are having so much fun. Nothing lightens up isolation than isolating with a friend!

On Valentine's Day we decorated sugar cookies with friends. I had thrown away my food dye and forgot, so I used beet powder to dye the frosting a really pretty magenta and felt super granola. As we were decorating cookies and chatting, my friend asked me what our Valentine's day traditions are. They're pretty limited, but I said that decorating sugar cookies is a tradition. And my girls were like, no it's not! And then I realized that for the last 2 Valentine's we've been in a Spanish speaking country, not decorating sugar cookies. I had a good chuckle over that.

We recently went to a petting zoo in CDA with some friends and the girls loved it! But now I'm worried I exposed my girls to the coronavirus?? (Only half joking...) But seriously, they had a good time. There were so many animals, so many children, and so many rules. I didn't get to spend much time in the pen with the animals, because our baby was not into it, but when I came back into the pen, Maeve was essentially the queen of the place. She loved opening and closing the little gates to the rabbit and guinea pig enclosures for anyone who wanted to enter or exit. This was most certainly a good time for my crew! (Except me... I swear, leaving the house is SO HARD! So grateful for good friends who are super supportive and will keep an eye on my kiddos!)

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