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Next stop, we were crossing our fingers we'd find parking at Lake Louise and could do the hike to the Plain of the Six Glaciers. But no luck, so that hike is one I'll do as a day hike the next time I have the opportunity. Instead, we hiked Boom Lake. We had a bit of stalled start as we heard about 2 grizzlies and a black bear on the trail. We went anyways, carrying our bear spray and didn't see one single bear. The hike was really pretty and the fresh air smelled so good! When we reached the lake, we stopped for lunch, water play and rest. Once, Enoch saw the lake, he wanted his clothes off and he hung out lakeside in the nude until we packed up and headed back to the trailhead. I was so proud - so McNeill of him. Notice the picture of Enoch sampling everyone's water bladders. I think that's how he effectively spread Covid to almost everyone in the group.

We took a little side trip to Banff this summer with our friends, Amorette and Parker and their girls. We left Maeve behind with my sister (Thanks Kim!), and threw the babies on our backs. Our first stop was Sunshine Mountain Lodge where we caught a gondola (Ira was terrified) and a chair lift up higher into the mountains. We then hiked through wildflowers and to Alpine Lakes. It was breathtakingly beautiful! I just wish we had gotten there earlier in the day and didn't have to worry about catching the last gondola back down the mountain. What a great start to our couple of days in Banff!

Maeve and her bestie at the pool!

On July 1, 2022 (exactly 2 years after Enoch first came into our lives), we adopted Enoch. Oh my goodness! What a day! I didn't really have any expectations for the adoption ceremony, but it was everything! I loved being surrounded by friends and family and feeling their love and support. And now Enoch is a permanent member of my family - he's my son. My heart is so full of love for Enoch, he is so special.

Here are some photos of the day - at the courthouse, and at our home. We're a crowd! Thanks so much to my sister-in-law, Liz, for taking these photos and then giving them all to me to edit. What a treasure!

So fun to have weekend visitors! It's been a minute since we last had houseguests!

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