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We went one night camping, 30 minutes away from our home, at the Liberty Lake Regional Park with some friends. It was a lot of fun (and a lot of work for one night!). We got in a tiny bit of hiking and some mountain biking and very little sleep. This is the camping trip that I will always remember because I drove home with Maeve at 3:30AM because she wouldn't sleep. Blah! She's a tricky little camper. She really likes her crib at home and her space. Hoping, really hoping, that she becomes a little more flexible in the near future! Other than that big bump, we had tons of fun! The kiddos loved playing with fire and burning pine needles. My girls love camping, especially with friends!

My friends planned a fun little field trip for the kids. We toured a local pizza shop, Pizza Rita. The kids helped make a couple pizzas, mix dough and they got to see how it all works. They were all really happy and engaged! It was cute. And then just after 10 in the morning, the kids all ate pizza and drank sodas! It was a dream come true.

We gave one of our favorite little friends a sewing experience for her 9th birthday. Together, between two afternoon playdates, we made cute little cat wallets/purses. The girls picked their fabric, embroidered the faces and helped with the sewing!

We love having friends in the neighborhood!

10 girls, 3 dozen eggs, 2 parents. Lots of fun? I had a moment, why are activities with kids often so messy? Fortunately everyone had fun and the mess was a pretty quick clean up. Gotta dye those eggs!

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