Day 3 in the mountains, took us to Grassi Lake, but the roads were closed. So I've saved that one for a family hike in the future. Instead we went to Grotto Canyon. Once we arrived in the parking lot, Conor and I recognized it. We had done this hike when I was pregnant with Maeve! So a repeat, no big deal. Enoch wasn't feeling very well (day one of covid for him, poor guy), so he stayed in the backpack carrier the whole time and no one was allowed to look at him! The hike began feeling really dystopian, dried out creaked, walking past a mineral processing plant. We got some laughs out of that. But as we arrived at running water and cooled off the the canyon, it all felt a little better. Ira loved playing in the water and I didn't mind having his damp little self on my back for the the hike back to the trailhead.